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In the past, Arholma was an important port. Today the island has become a popular destination for all those seeking recreation. It is located in the northern archipelago, is the furthest east in this area and is considered the gateway to Åland Hav, a part of the Baltic Sea, which is about 25 kilometers from Stockholm. Arholma is accessible by paddle boats, but also for buses and own cars with a car ferry. There are many recreational opportunities, hiking and cycling tours lead through meadows and forests.

On Arholma, the landscape varies between dense forests and stone coves that slope steeply down to the sea. Fields and pastures are located in the interior of the island landscape.

There was idyll on Arholma already in the past, until the island got into warlike conflicts between Sweden and Russia around 1810. Because of the great destruction the islanders fled and only about 80 years later Arholma was rebuilt. In the following years, the island gradually developed into a tourist magnet. In addition, a productive agriculture and forestry developed from the 1960s.

Arholma has a sailing harbor in Österhamn. Ahlmansviken is located in the north of Norra Bryggan and also offers some moorings, about 400 meters away there is a camping site. Overnight accommodations are available at the two youth hostels, among others. The Bryggcafée at Norra Bryggan and Dansbanans Krog & Kafé are good places to eat and there are fantastic views over the Baltic Sea.

Among the sights is the Arholma Båk. Built as a marker for shipping traffic in 1768, it has served in the meantime as a telegraph station and also as a military operations center. Today the beacon is used as a viewing platform, arts and crafts gallery and restaurant. Arholma Church now serves as a popular setting for romance-loving brides and grooms.
Simesgården and Bull-Augusts Gård are two farmsteads worth seeing. Modern defenses are located at Arholma’s northern tip. There are daily guided tours to visit them.