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The "little big city" is located between the ridges of the Teutoburg Forest and the Münsterland Bay in the northeast of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. From one of the highest points, the Sparrenburg, you can enjoy a wide view over the city. For relaxation, take a walk in the Olderdissen Zoo. Bielefeld is home to "Dr. Oetker", one of the largest and most traditional German industrial companies. In the associated brand exhibition "Dr. Oetker World", you can gain entertaining insights into the production and sale of pudding, frozen pizza, etc. The integrated yellow "pudding miracle" delivers one of the delicious warm desserts - at the push of a button, so to speak. Have fun enjoying and strolling through Bielefeld!

Where is Bielefeld?

Bielefeld is a German city in the northeast of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, around 150 km northeast of the state capital Düsseldorf. There are about 334.000 inhabitants living in Bielefeld.

Weather in Bielefeld

Der Wetterbericht für Bielefeld am 24.03.2023: Ganztägig veränderliches Wetter. Zwischendurch ist Regen möglich bei 10 bis 12 Grad und starkem Wind aus Südwest bis West. tagsüber wird durchschnittlich eine Temperatur von 7 °C erreicht, nachts kühlen die Temperaturen auf bis zu -1 °C ab.

Wetter am 25.03.2023: starker Regen
Wetter am 26.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schauer möglich
Wetter am 27.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schneeregenschauer möglich
Wetter am 28.03.2023: wolkig
Wetter am 29.03.2023: regnerisch
Wetter am 30.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schauer möglich
13° 11°

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