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By car by ferry or land to Stockholm

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Due to the very good public transport, one does not really need a car in Stockholm. Nevertheless, there are many reasons to travel to the Swedish capital with your own car. Especially if you want to see more of Sweden besides Stockholm. On this page we show you how to get to Stockholm by car.

Routes with ferry

For the trip to Stockholm by car, there are basically two possibilities: with or without ferry connection. For the routes with ferries, one can either cross directly from Germany to the south of Sweden or choose the route via Denmark. For all those who already get seasick by seeing a ship only from a distance: since the year 2000, one can also get to Sweden by land via the Danish islands.

Directly to Sweden

The biggest advantage of the crossing by ferry directly to Sweden is the possibility to drive at night. If you leave Kiel, Sassnitz or Travemünde in the evening, you will arrive in Gothenburg, Malmö or Trelleborg the next morning well rested and can be in Stockholm by lunchtime. All information about the direct ferry crossing can be found here: By ferry to Stockholm

Vogelfluglinie via Denmark

Clearly, the shortest route to Stockholm by car is via the island of Fehmarn(Vogelfluglinie) and the Öresund Bridge. The ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby (on the island Lolland in Denmark) takes only 45 minutes, the whole distance from Hamburg to Malmö takes only about 4 hours (without waiting times at the ferry terminal).
  • An alternative is the route Rostock - Gedser. We have described both variants in the following article: By ferry to Stockholm
  • Timetables and tickets here at Scandlines (Ferries + Öresund Bridge)

Route by land

If you don't want to take the ferry to Denmark or Sweden, you can drive across the two big bridges over the Great Belt(Storebæltsbroen) and the Öresund(Öresundsbron). The journey from Hamburg to Malmö in this way (without traffic) takes about 5 hours. Use of the motorways in Denmark and Sweden is free of charge, but both bridges are subject to tolls.
  • The Storebaelt Bridge across the Great Belt, completed in 1998, connects the two Danish islands of Funen and Zealand over a distance of 18 km.
  • The nearly 8 km long Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö was completed in 200.

Travel time

For the route from Hamburg to Stockholm, which is a little more than 1,100 km long, one needs approx. 11:30 hours of pure driving time with good traffic. This means that the route from northern Germany can be completed in one day without any major breaks. The situation is different for holidaymakers from the south of Germany, from Austria or Switzerland. Here, an overnight stay is always needed if one does not want to take the ferry to Sweden. Distances of selected cities to Stockholm (overland):
  • Düsseldorf: 1,512 km, approx. 15 h
  • Frankfurt: 1.614 km, approx. 16 h
  • Stuttgart: 1,771 km, approx. 18 h
  • Munich: 1,906 km, approx. 19 h
  • Zurich: 1.983 km, approx. 20 h
  • Vienna: 2.046 km, approx. 21 h