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Chemnitz is still known to many as Karl-Marx-Stadt. It was not until 1990 that the Saxon industrial city regained its former name of Chemnitz. In the 19th century, Chemnitz was known as "Saxon Manchester" and was considered the center of the textile industry. Today, Chemnitz is a leading technology location. On its way to becoming the European Capital of Culture 2025, a lot has happened in the city in the foothills of the Ore Mountains. The city center has been redesigned and numerous parks and green spaces have been created. The focal point of the city center is the square by the Red Tower. The monumental Karl Marx Head, which has become a landmark of the popular shopping city, is still a reminder of the socialist past.

Where is Chemnitz?

Chemnitz is a German city in the west of the federal state of Saxony, around 62 km southwest of the state capital Dresden. There are about 246.000 inhabitants living in Chemnitz.

Weather in Chemnitz

Der Wetterbericht für Chemnitz am 24.03.2023: Ganztags wechselhaft. Zwischendurch ist Regen möglich bei Temperaturen von 12 bis 13 Grad und mäßigem Wind aus Süd bis Südwest. tagsüber wird durchschnittlich eine Temperatur von 7 °C erreicht, nachts kühlen die Temperaturen auf bis zu -3 °C ab.

Wetter am 25.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schauer möglich
Wetter am 26.03.2023: regnerisch, Auflockerungen möglich
Wetter am 27.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schneeregenschauer möglich
Wetter am 28.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schneeregenschauer möglich
Wetter am 29.03.2023: gewittrige Schauer möglich
Wetter am 30.03.2023: bedeckt mit Gewittern

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