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Churches in Stockholm

There are more than 100 churches in the city of Stockholm. Many of them date from the 16th to the 19th century and give a deep insight into Swedish history, architecture and politics of past centuries.

Stockholm became an episcopal see only in 1942. Before that, the districts north of the Mälaren belonged to the archdiocese of Uppsala, the southern ones to the diocese of Strangnäs. The present diocese of Stockholm (Swedish: Stockholms stift) consists of 61 parishes, to which more than 200 churches belong.

The oldest and most famous churches are located in Gamla Stan, the oldtown of Stockholm. Besides the oldest church, the Storkyrkan, the churches of the German and Finnish parish can also be found here.

The church St. Gertrud is with its 96 m high tower the highest building of the Stockholm old town Gamla Stan. It is usually referred to as the German Church (Tyska kyrkan), as it has been the church of the German community in Stockholm since 1571, the oldest German community abroad.


Stockholm Cathedral St. Nicolai
Saint Nicholas Church in Stockholm's old town Gamla Stan is usually just called Storkyrkan (the big church). It is the oldest church in the city and is located right next to Stockholm Castle. Since 1942, it is also the bishop's seat and thus the cathedral church of the diocese of Stockholm.

Riddarholm Church

Riddarholm Church
The Riddarholmskyrka is the royal burial church on the small island of Riddarholmen in central Stockholm. Its striking brick tower with its cast-iron spire is one of the city's landmarks and shapes the silhouette of Stockholm's old town like hardly any other building.

Adolf Friedrich Church

Adolf Fredrik Church
The Adolf Friedrich Church (Adolf Fredriks kyrka) in the Norrmalm district, inaugurated in 1774, is one of Stockholm's most famous churches. It owes its name to the Swedish King Adolf Friedrich from Schleswig, who personally laid the foundation ...

Hedvig Eleonora Church

Hedvig Eleonora Church
Hedvig Eleonora Church in the Östermalm district is named after the wife of the Swedish King Charles X Gustav (1622-1660), Queen Hedwig Eleonora of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf. After the foundation stone was laid in 1969, the church was consecrated in 1737, and the distinctive dome ...

St. Catherine’s Church

Catherine Church
One of Stockholm's most beautiful churches is St. Catherine's Church (katarina kyrka) in the Södermalm district, visible from afar. It was built in the 17th century, when the Swedish capital began to expand and the inhabitants of the new districts formed new communities. The magnificent Baroque building with a ...

The Finnish Church

Finnish Church
Of all the churches in Stockholm's city centre, the Finnish church is probably the least known. Who is in the Stockholm old town Gamla Stan on the road should not be deceived by the inconspicuous exterior and at least a short trip to the small church directly opposite the Stockholm ...

Mary Magdalene Church

Mary Magdalene Church
St. Mary Magdalene Church is located in the north of the Södermalm district, between Slussen and Mariatorget. The church, consecrated in 1634, was rebuilt several times in the 17th century and severely damaged by fire in 1759. It got its present appearance by the reconstruction in the years 1760-1763 after plans ...

Oscars Church

The neo-Gothic Oscar Church is located in the Östermalm district near the History Museum, clearly visible at the intersection of Narvavägen and Storgatan. It is named after the Swedish King Oscar II (1829 - 1907), who consecrated the church himself in 1903. The three-nave hall church designed by Gustaf Hermansson has room ...
The Klara Church (Swedish: Klara kyrka or Sankta Klara kyrka) is located near the main railway station in the Norrmalm district. The church, built in the 16...

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