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Stockholm City Hall and Landmark

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Built between 1911 and 1923 in the style of Swedish national romanticism, Stadshuset is one of Sweden's most famous and memorable buildings. In addition to its function as the seat of the city government, Stockholm's City Hall attracts international attention every year, especially because the banquet on the occasion of the awarding of the Nobel Prizes takes place here.

Stockholms stadshus

An indispensable landmark of the city Stockholm (and of whole Sweden) is the 106 m high tower with the 3 crowns on the tower, the national coat of arms of Sweden. A lift takes you up to the platform under the belfry, from where you can enjoy an impressive view. Stadshuset is located at the southeastern tip of Kungsholm, in a prominent position next to Stadshusbron, opposite the main railway station. It is easiest to reach on foot from the city centre ( T-Centralen metro stop). The banquet for the annual Nobel Prize ceremonies is held in the so-called "Blue Hall" (blå hallen), a large covered courtyard with a portico(which, however, is not blue but brick-red: the architect Ragnar Östberg left the hall unplastered, contrary to his original plans). Other impressive rooms inside the Stadshuset are:
    • the Golden Hall (gyllene salen) with magnificent golden wall mosaics made of approx. 18 million mosaic tiles of gold and coloured glass
    • the Consultation Hall (Rådsalen), where the Stockholm City Government meets
    • the Prince's Gallery (Prinsens Galleri), named after Prince Eugene, Gustav V's brother.

Tickets and prices

Adults pay 100 SEK, students and seniors 80 SEK, children 12-17 years 40 SEK. Admission with the Stockholm Pass is free.