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Algeria is the second largest country on the African continent. But it is, apart from a few cities on the Mediterranean, quite sparsely populated. It is the immensity of the largely vegetationless Sahara that characterizes Algeria and takes up a considerable part of the country. For a long period of history, Algeria was ruled by French settlers. When the country gained sovereignty in 1962, around one million French people left their former homeland. With increasing Arabisation, the living conditions of the Berbers, who are one of the most important ethnic groups, worsened. UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the lively Kasba of the capital Algiers and the mountain fortress of Beni Hammad with its Great Mosque.

Algeria at a glance

Area2381740 km2
CurrencyAlgerian Dinar (DZD)
Neighboring countriesNiger, Western Sahara, Libya, Mauritania, Tunisia, Morocco und Mali