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The small principality of Andorra on the eastern periphery of the Pyrenees ducks between 65 peaks and borders Spain and France. The mountainous country has an alpine character, but is also blessed with green meadows and romantic valleys. One mountain towers above all the rest - the Pic des Coma Pedrosa with its nearly three thousand meters. Andorra la Vella is Europe's highest capital at exactly 1,079 metres. This is a lively metropolis with numerous shops and restaurants. In the old town Barri Antic rises the church St. Esteve from the 12th century, and visitors rave about the baroque altar painting there. If you then leave the metropolis behind, you will find yourself in a popular winter sports area.

Andorra at a glance

Area468 km2
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Neighboring countriesSpain und France

Guide to Andorra

The mini-state of Andorra is undoubtedly special in Europe. The dwarf in the heights of the Pyrenees is home to less than 70,000 people, lies between the two powerful neighbors France and Spain and yet has retained its independence. Tourism has led to the development of what was once a peasant republic into a functioning state. Favourable trade and customs conditions with an extremely low rate of sales tax did the rest. For many a holidaymaker, Andorra is something like a small paradise.

In former times, cattle breeding was the source of a modest income – today, tourism brings foreign currency. Especially in the winter months, it sometimes gets crowded on the roads to Andorra, as skiers rave about the abundance of snow in this part of the Pyrenees and also enjoy a well-developed network of lifts and slopes. Officially, Andorra is a Parliamentary Monarchy and the official language is Catalan. The dignity and burden of head of state is shared by the President of France and the Bishop of Urgell.

The most impressive building in the capital Andorra la Vella is the historic seat of government Casa de la Val. It dates back to 1580 and now houses two institutions: the Palace of Justice and a museum well worth seeing. Andorra has a continental climate with warm summers.