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The wealth of the African country of Angola gushes from the earth. Only Nigeria produces more oil on the continent than Angola. The economy experienced booming years with a double-digit growth spurt. It was the Portuguese navigator Diogo Cao who sailed across the Congo estuary in 1482, tying Angola to its European homeland for over half a millennium. A cornerstone of economic development was once the trade in slaves. Today, the country has a multitude of ethnic and linguistic groups - the majority of the inhabitants profess to belong to the Bantu tribes. Many animal species are endangered in the rainforests - especially elephants and rhinos.

The 10 largest cities in the country are the capital Luanda, Lubango, Huambo, Benguela, Cabinda, Malanje, Lobito, Bailundo, Sumbe and Moçâmedes.

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Angola at a glance

  • Population: 29.784.000
  • Area: 1246700 km2
  • Continent: Afrika
  • Currency: Kwanza (AOA)