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Once they were wild types - now they are domestic and probably also tamed. We're talking about the famous Argentine gauchos, who prided themselves on being unconstrained vagabonds over a long period of time. But one thing has remained: The myth of these "Péones", the farm workers. They are the real rulers of the pampas and proud in the saddle of their horses. That is the cliché that many people have of Argentina. But this South American country has so many faces that it is still a dream destination for many holidaymakers. With a capital Buenos Aires, which is said to be not only the tango metropolis of the world, but also born of lust and love.

Argentina at a glance

Area2766890 km2
ContinentSouth America
CurrencyArgentine Peso (ARS)
Neighboring countriesChile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay und Brazil

Guide to Argentina

A journey from the highest point in the north to the southernmost tip brings in Argentina the encounter with numerous vegetation and weather zones. On the border with Brazil, the earth is red, the rivers are immense and the rainforest almost impenetrable. The highlights of the Argentine jungle are undoubtedly the Iguazu Falls and are the most visited natural spectacle in South America by tourists. They consist of twenty larger and 255 smaller waterfalls and the dimensions leave every visitor speechless.

Huge masses tumble thunderously into a green valley, and those who don’t mind the spray can get very close to the spectacle on a boat tour or from a long jetty. More than two hundred kilometres south of Iguazu are the ruins of a historic Jesuit mission. Although there are only remains to be seen, they are definitely worth the visit, as San Ignacio Mini played a big role in the history of this Argentinean region. Even if the wide steppes of the central lowlands between the Brazilian mountains and the Andes have been “civilized” in the meantime, the former empire of the cattle barons is still worth a visit today. The sprawling mansions where the landed aristocracy lived for centuries now accommodate vacationers. They are islands of luxury in a sea of grass that is not green everywhere.

The long journey along National Road 40 into southern Argentina eventually leads to Patagonia, and with it a storm-tested territory of wild beauty. With the lakes not far from the Andean city of San Carlos de Bariloche, the Los Glaciares National Park with the mountain giants Monte Fitz Roy and the Perito Moreno glacier, as well as the Valdés Peninsula, where you can watch whales and penguins at close range. Those who love the flair of a cosmopolitan city will feel at home in the metropolis of Buenos Aires. Even though Argentina is often on the verge of national bankruptcy, the former wealth of the country is evident at every turn in Buenos Aires. Here and there the stucco on the facades of the palaces is crumbling, but in the exclusive district of Puerto Madero on the banks of the Rio de la Plata you should reserve a table for yourself in the restaurants very early.

And then there is the tango, to the beat of which Buenos Aires lives. It gives people support in bad times and in good times it is the framework for a stylish life. The people of this country are said to carry the vastness of Argentina in their hearts and the plaintive rhythms of the tango in their blood.