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This is a tropical anchorage in the sea. An island for dreaming and a refuge where imagination is given wings. As the days grow shorter and cooler in Central Europe, the islands of the Bahamas shine like twinkling stars in the sky of wanderlust. Sea, sand and wonderful idleness - no less than seven hundred islands are said to stretch in a gigantic arc from the south of Florida to the north of Haiti. All this is a fascinating archipelago of palm trees on white beaches swaying in the warm breeze, hotel resorts exuding a serene charm, and houses in small towns as colorful as wrapped candies. For the writer Ernest Hemingway, these dots in the ocean were the "islands in the stream", and many others claim to have rediscovered the lost Atlantis there.

Bahamas at a glance

Area13940 km2
ContinentNorth America
CurrencyBahamian Dollar (BSD)

Guide to Bahamas

Turquoise is the sea here and the people who are lucky enough to call this paradisiacal area of the Caribbean “home” are particularly open-minded towards their well-travelled guests. They live a life of ease and “it’s so easy” has apparently become a program in the Bahamas. The sun is actually always shining there, which once impressed James Bond, alias Sean Connery, so much that even years after the 007 flick “Thunderball”, which was filmed in the Bahamas, he still turned up there from time to time. Among others in the legendary “Ocean Club”, a luxury hotel on Paradise Island. There, the “Bond Martini” is still served at the bar. Shaken, of course, and not stirred…

More than two centuries ago, the first settlers came to the Bahamas. They were loyalists from America who believed in God and in the English crown and moved to the Caribbean with their slaves because word had spread that there were to be some scarcely populated islands here. In the Bahamas, these settlers led a sometimes deprived life as farmers. However, one looks for stone testimonies from this time in vain. Up to now, nobody has come up with the idea to establish a museum of international rank there. Rather, one concentrates on these idyllic islands on what nature and especially the sea gives to the people.

For most vacationers, idleness in the Bahamas is a welcome opportunity. The sea is well-tempered, and there is always a spot for a hammock in the shade of the palm trees. The reef gardens off the coastline are exciting and popular with divers. The scenery is almost kitschy and a wonderful composition of nature. The independent state under the umbrella of the Commonwealth since 1973 affords itself twenty national parks, and the coexistence of different cultures is a basic Caribbean principle in the Bahamas.