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Tigers and temples - this is the short denominator of the experiences of a tour through Bangladesh in travel catalogues here and there. But this country on the Bay of Bengal, nestled between the giants India and Burma, is now an insider tip of international tourism. Tigers and temples alone do not make the charm of this Asian country, because the combination of nature and culture has become a magic formula here. Moreover, gone are the days when the people of Bangladesh were in their majority destitute. There has been an economic growth that has stunned many experts. The infrastructure is also much improved. Bangladesh is a state that confidently stands out among the ranks of the so-called "Third World" countries.

Bangladesh at a glance

Area144000 km2
CurrencyTaka (BDT)
Neighboring countriesMyanmar und India

Guide to Bangladesh

The monsoon climate leads to such a strong separation between dry and rainy season in Bangladesh that it surprises some holidaymakers. In July alone it rains – statistically – on 26 days. Sometimes the sky opens all its doors and in the centre of the country around 2,000 millimetres of precipitation are registered. In the higher regions of the country even up to 4,000 millimeters. The population takes it in their stride, but is not immune to the danger of flooding.

No other country in the world is as densely populated as Bangladesh. And this despite the fact that three quarters of the population lives in rural areas. The capital Dhaka is, along with the port city Chittagong, the only metropolis with millions of inhabitants and is growing at a dizzying speed. For a long period of its history, the country was a sort of appendage of Pakistan. In its quest for independence, Bangladesh had a strong partner: India. But it took some time before the political situation in the country stabilized.

Islam is the state religion, but the political leadership is looking for a modern imprint. In the streets of Bangladesh, one frequently encounters ascetics in woollen penitential robes. These are sympathizers of a mystical strain of Islam that originated in Mesopotamia in the 8th century and advocates renunciation to God. On a round trip you should have a look at the Buddhist monastery and temple complex in Paharpur. Also historic is the mosque town of Bagherhat with eight Islamic places of worship and a cemetery. The largest tidal forest in the world can be visited with its mangroves in the delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra.