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Numerous political observers of events in the Balkans agree: the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is very difficult to govern. The ethnic differences are too great, the memories of the war following the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s are too fresh. At that time Serbian, Bosniak and Croat troops fought a bitter civil war. The international community later failed to find solutions to bring the different population groups together. Now the country's hopes rest on a young generation that has no interest in renewed conflict.

Bosnia and Herzegovina at a glance

Area51129 km2
CurrencyConvertible Mark (BAM)
Neighboring countriesCroatia, Montenegro und Serbia

Guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with a stretch of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, with many deep forests and high mountains. All this is actually tailor-made to provide foreign currency from tourism. And there are not only many sights here, but also symbols of reconciliation.

First and foremost is the five-hundred-year-old stone bridge Stari Most in the town of Mostar. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, was destroyed during the war and quickly rebuilt. The landmark of this ancient city has always been considered a symbolic bridge between East and West. It spans the Neretva River and connects the Catholic-influenced west of the city of Mostar with the east, the ancestral home of those who profess Islam. It is common for young men to jump off the bridge into the river – almost always for a few coins from the tourist guests.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, visitors soon sense that this country is a kind of interface between the Occident and the Orient. Art, for example, has always been subject to different influences, and anyone looking around the country’s museums will find Neolithic clay vessels, Roman mosaics and Christian and Islamic everyday objects. The country’s traditional cuisine also spans the arc between West and East. Those who like it can try their hand at oriental sweets. Or you can try typical Austrian specialities. A round trip through the country offers interesting photo motifs at the foot of the Dinaric Alps and in the capital Sarajevo, where memories of the 1984 Winter Olympics are still kept alive here and there. It is also the memory of pacified times.