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It is long, narrow and very deep - Lake Tanganyika. The landlocked country of Burundi shares the waters with its neighbours Tanzania, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The freshwater lake is the small country's greatest attraction and feeds many of its inhabitants. It is exceptionally rich in fish. During World War 1, this region was part of German East Africa and was then administered by Belgium until 1962. When the uprising of the Hutu ethnic group triggered a civil war with the Tutsi in 1972, a devastating massacre took place. About a hundred thousand people lost their lives. Burundi is popular with international tourists partly because the forests there are home to the highly endangered mountain gorillas. The destruction of the vegetation and the conversion of the fields into cultivated land is destroying many habitats of the wild animals.

Burundi at a glance

LanguageFrench, Kirundi und English
Area27830 km2
CurrencyBurundi Franc (BIF)
Neighboring countriesTanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo und Rwanda