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The Cayman Islands, a group of only three islands, has been a British crown colony since 1670. There are no parties here, and the governor is appointed by the British queen. For some time, the Cayman Islands were administered by neighboring Jamaica, but the latter very soon lost interest in these islands in the western Caribbean Sea. For they were known only as suppliers of turtles, shells and palm fiber. In the meantime, the inhabitants discovered a new source of income: royalties for shell companies. The capital, George Town, has become a tax haven and is now the fifth largest financial center in the world. Some 200,000 companies are registered here. Vacationers particularly appreciate the diving experiences in the clear sea and in front of the numerous reefs on the Cayman Islands.

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Country data Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands at a glance

Area262 km2
ContinentNorth America
CurrencyCayman Islands Dollar (KYD)

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