Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe.

Czech Republic at a glance

LanguageCzech und Slovak
Area78866 km2
CurrencyCzech Koruna (CZK)
Neighboring countriesPoland, Germany, Slovakia und Austria

Guide to Czech Republic

The parliamentary republic of the Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and is a major ice hockey nation. With the Bohemian Forest and the Krkonoše Mountains, it also offers ideal conditions for winter sports. In many places you can admire beautiful classicist parks, medieval Gothic buildings and the South Bohemian peasant baroque. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, with its historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock of the town hall are particularly well known. The city of Pilsen is considered the home of beer and is home to Europe’s second largest synagogue. Party-goers and night owls will find one of the country’s largest entertainment districts in Ostrava.