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Kosovo is a landlocked country in southeastern Europe bordered by Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and northern Macedonia. Kosovo's history is marked by political conflict. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, Kosovo became the target of NATO military intervention in 1999 and declared independence from Serbia in 2008. However, the declaration of independence is not recognized by some states, including Serbia. Typical for Kosovo is its cultural and ethnic diversity as well as the Kosovar cuisine with influences from Turkish and Albanian cuisine. Sights worth seeing include the Prizren Fortress, Visoki Dečani Monastery and Šar Planina National Park.

Attractions and sights

Country data Kosovo

Kosovo at a glance

LanguageAlbanian und Serbian
Area10908 km2
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Neighboring countriesSerbia, Albania, North Macedonia und Montenegro

Map Kosovo

Country borders and location of the capital

Kosovo cities