Advanzia Mastercard Gold free of charge

Advanzia Bank S.A. – referred to as Advanzia for short – is a traditional direct bank headquartered in Munsbach, Luxembourg. In 2005, Advanzia applied for its banking license in Luxembourg. As a direct bank, the bank is also allowed to operate in other countries such as Germany. Advanzia focuses mainly on the fee-free MasterCard Gold, which is offered as a classic credit card. In addition, topics such as call money account and various areas for private customers and business customers are served. The Advanzia credit card is offered in Germany, Spain and France.

  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Weltweit kostenfreie Zahlungen
  • Wichtige Reiseversicherungen inklusive
  • Kostenfreier Kredit bis zu sieben Wochen
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The most important facts in brief

  • The Advanzia MasterCard Gold is free of charge.
  • The credit card has an instalment facility.
  • The customer pays the monthly bill independently.
  • The credit card is not linked to a current account with Advanzia.
  1. The most important facts in brief
  2. Why choose a credit card from Advanzia Bank?
  3. The advantages of the Advanzia MasterCard Gold
  4. Disadvantages of the Advanzia MasterCard Gold
  5. The alternatives to Advanzia MasterCard Gold credit card
  6. Our conclusion on the Advanzia credit card MasterCard Gold

Why choose a credit card from Advanzia Bank?

If you do a credit card comparison, you will always find the MasterCard Gold from Advanzia Bank in one of the top positions. That’s because this card comes with no monthly fee. This is a big advantage for many consumers. Because without a basic fee, the card can be interesting even if it is only used sporadically.

Since it’s a standalone credit card, you don’t have to have a checking account with Advanzia. This is also a benefit that many consumers are curious about. You can use the card independently of your other banking transactions. The prerequisite for this is always that you have a good credit rating.

Due to the possible flexible repayment you are financially very independent. Advanzia Bank sends you an invoice on the 5th of each month. It states the minimum amount you have to pay back. This is 3% of the turnover that was made, but at least 30.00 €. You can pay back this minimum amount, but you always have the possibility to pay back more money. From month to month you can flexibly decide which repayment currently works best for you.

The advantages of the Advanzia MasterCard Gold

Advanzia provides you with the MasterCard Gold free of charge. There are no obligations attached to it. The credit card is advertised through Advanzia Bank. However, when you apply for the credit card, you will automatically be redirected to www.gebuhrenfrei.com. You will also find this link on the card. You will also find this link on the card. Nevertheless, the Advanzia Bank is responsible as contact person.

Instalments with the Advanzia MasterCard Gold

You have the possibility to agree on installments or partial payments. The amount of the installments always refers to the outstanding amount on your credit card. You must transfer at least 3% of the total invoice amount. How much you transfer in the end is up to you.

Credit interest and debit interest

You cannot expect interest on credit on the Advanzia MasterCard Gold, as it is not a prepaid card and you are provided with a credit limit that you cannot extend even by overpaying. However, if you agree to make a partial payment, then debit interest will be charged. These amount to just under 2% from the transaction date. In addition, you have to pay almost 20% effective interest if you use the instalment facility. This is a lot and reduces the advantage of the instalment facility considerably.

Foreign fees and cash withdrawals

Another advantage of the Advanzia MasterCard Gold is the fact that no foreign transaction fee is charged worldwide. Even if you withdraw cash from an ATM or over the counter. There is even no currency conversion fee. This clearly sets the credit card apart from other providers who charge high fees for foreign fees and cash withdrawals, especially in non-European countries.

Online banking access

You can manage your Advanzia MasterCard Gold online. The bank has an app that is intuitive to use. You download it for free to your mobile device, where you can always keep track of your spending and deposits. The app has a simple design, but provides all the important information. You can see what amount is currently available, which transactions have been made, where you paid with your card and when your last deposit was made. In addition, the currently posted balance is displayed.

A tip about the spending limit: Advanzia initially sets up the credit card with a relatively manageable spending limit. Usually it is 800 €, which you can dispose of in the first step. If you pay your first bills on time, this credit limit will be increased very quickly. For example, to 1,600 €. Some users of the card even have a drawing limit of several thousand euros.

Disadvantages of the Advanzia MasterCard Gold

The disadvantage is the high debit interest that accrues with an installment agreement. Just under 20% is simply a lot. Many people interested in the card are also bothered by the fact that they have to transfer the monthly amount independently. Others find especially this part of the contract very exciting. Advanzia Bank does not automatically debit the reference account. You have two weeks after the invoice date to settle the outstanding debt. It is important that you make the transfer within this period, otherwise you will incur additional fees, which are quite high at Advanzia.

The manageable card limit is also seen as a disadvantage by some consumers. 800 € as a start is not a lot of money. However, as the amount increases, the drawing limit is already somewhat larger within a very short time. However, the card is only suitable for larger expenditures to a limited extent, because the credit limit simply does not allow it.

Furthermore, the additional packages that you may know from other card providers are missing. Insurance for travel or for the car, bonus programs, where you can book a hotel or a rental car cheaper. This card does not offer all that.

For whom is the Advanzia MasterCard Gold worthwhile and for whom is it not?

Every consumer attaches conditions, desires and requirements to the use of a credit card. The fact is that the Advanzia MasterCard Gold is offered without an annual fee, which makes it seem attractive from the outset. Those who do not go for the instalment facility but pay their bills every month will do very well with this card. The free use for cash withdrawals and paying abroad also speaks for the card. This makes it very flexible and in some circumstances a good value companion.

However, the card is not worth it for consumers who plan on making partial payments from the outset. Because just under 20% interest is a lot. In addition, the credit card is not worthwhile for all those who are looking for additional services such as insurance or even bonus programs. The Advanzia MasterCard Gold does not offer any of these.

The alternatives to Advanzia MasterCard Gold credit card

Advanzia offers you a credit card without a basic fee. There are only a few other providers who are active in this area. But in return, additional services are omitted and the debit interest rates are very high.

If you are looking for a card that has lower interest rates and offers more insurance services, the offer of Targobank is very good. If you travel a lot, the Miles & More credit card from Lufthansa is quite interesting. The bonus program is particularly well suited for travelers and frequent flyers.

If you are looking for comprehensive protection for your car, BMW or Mini have a good product for you.

Our conclusion on the Advanzia credit card MasterCard Gold

Advanzia offers a free credit card that does not charge any fees for payments or cash withdrawals abroad. Due to the high debit interest and the lack of additional services, the card is nevertheless only conditionally recommendable. Namely, if you do not make installment payments and if you can also do without the insurance services and the like.

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  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Weltweit kostenfreie Zahlungen
  • Wichtige Reiseversicherungen inklusive
  • Kostenfreier Kredit bis zu sieben Wochen
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Fragen und Antworten (FAQ)

Wie seriös ist die Advanzia Bank?

Die Advanzia ist ein reguliertes Bankhaus, dass innerhalb von Europa tätig ist, allen gesetzlichen Richtlinien der EU folgen muss und ständige Kontrollen durch die Aufsichtsbehörden über sich ergehen lässt. Betrug oder unseriöse Machenschaften sind nicht möglich.

Welches Limit gibt es bei der Advanzia Bank?

Es gibt unterschiedliche Limits bei der Kreditkarte. Viele Kunden steigen mit einem 800 € Limit ein, welches sich nach und nach erhöht. Je mehr die Karte genutzt wird und umso zuverlässiger die Raten bezahlt werden, umso höher das Limit.

Welcher Anbieter ist steht hinter der Advanzia Bank?

Die Advanzia Bank ist ein luxemburgisches Bankhaus aus Munsbach. Seit 2005 besitzt das Bankhaus eine Lizenz und darf nicht nur in Luxemburg, sondern auch in anderen Ländern tätig werden. Es gibt unterschiedliche Eigentümer der Bank. 60 % der Anteile hält eine Firma aus Norwegen.


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