Amazon credit card

The Amazon credit card is particularly suitable for Prime members. For them it is permanently free and offers a cashback of up to 3% of the turnover. All advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon credit card as well as tips for alternatives can be found on this page.

  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte als Prime Mitglied
  • 3% Cashback auf Amazon Käufe
  • 0,5% Cashback auf alle anderen Käufe
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Amazon offers in cooperation with the Landesbank Berlin a VISA credit card, which can be worthwhile for you not only because of the initial credit of 40 euros. There are particularly good conditions for Amazon Prime customers, because they pay permanently no annual fee, in addition, there is a bonus program for all purchases at Amazon.

But also as a “normal” Amazon customer you can benefit from the Amazon credit card. But then with an annual fee of 19.99 euros from the 2nd year and a somewhat slimmer bonus program. So let’s take a look at what Amazon has to offer in terms of credit cards and what advantages you can draw from the offer.

  1. The advantages of the Amazon Visa credit card
  2. The disadvantages of the Amazon Visa credit card
  3. Who is the Amazon credit card worth it for?
  4. Conclusion on the Amazon credit card

The advantages of the Amazon Visa credit card

In addition to the free starting credit of 40 euros, the Amazon credit card scores especially with the bonus system, in which you get back for each purchase at Amazon a part of the purchase price as credit. All advantages in detail:

40 euros starting credit

After your first purchase with the Amazon credit card, you will receive a starting credit of 40 euros on your next credit card statement. Even if you cancel the credit card after one year, this money does not have to be paid back.

40 Euro Startguthaben
The Amazon credit card advertises a starting credit of 40 euros.

Annual fee

In the first year, the Amazon credit card is free for all customers, i.e. there is no annual fee. If you are a Prime customer, the annual fee is even waived permanently.

If you are not a Prime customer, however, 19.99 euros will be due as an annual fee from the 2nd year if you do not make an annual turnover of at least 1,000 euros with Amazon. Turnover that you have to generate with the credit card.

Bonus program / Cashback

Exciting and interesting in equal measure is the bonus program, which Amazon ties to the use of the credit card. A distinction is made here between the normal Amazon credit card and the credit card for premium customers.

Regular Amazon credit card

With every purchase at Amazon you get 2 cents refunded for 1 Euro value of goods. If you buy from other merchants, you will receive 0.5 cents for every 1 euro of merchandise value credited. It is important that you pay with your credit card.

Amazon Prime customers

As an Amazon Prime customer you will receive 3 bonus points for every Euro you spend at Amazon. These 3 bonus points correspond to 3 cents. If you pay with the card at other retailers, you will receive half a bonus point. This is the same as the half bonus point that regular cardholders also receive.

Note: The bonus points can be redeemed by you when shopping on Amazon. You can redeem them all at once or use only a portion of the points. To do this, the Amazon credit card must be marked as a payment method in your Amazon account. The points from the bonus programme are always shown on your credit card statement. They do not lose their validity. Only if you cancel the credit card contract and do not use the bonus points in advance, they expire. You will not receive the equivalent value of the bonus points if you cancel the credit card.

Partial payments

Partial payments are of course possible. This can be arranged individually with Amazon or Landesbank Berlin. But if you use the partial payments, it will be expensive. Amazon makes Prime customers as well as regular customers pay well for the convenient installment payment. Just under 15% debit interest is charged.

Contactless payment

You have the option to pay contactless with your Amazon credit card. To do this, you simply hold the card up to the payment device and do not have to insert it. If you generate a turnover of less than 25 euros, you do not have to enter your PIN number. Some countries grant this regulation even up to a turnover of 50 euros.

The SMS service

You have the possibility to be informed about different events concerning your credit card via SMS. You can specify exactly which events these are. However, this service costs money if it goes beyond the free variant. With the free option, you will only be informed about each new credit card statement. If you want to be informed about every transaction, you have to pay 1.69 euros per month for this service.

Online banking access

As with most credit cards, you have the advantage of online access to the Amazon credit card via the Landesbank Berlin. This not only allows you to view your credit card transactions and statements. You can also make various settings and, if necessary, contact the Landesbank Berlin. Furthermore, it is possible to determine the type of payment. You can pay your transacted turnover in one sum or decide for a partial payment. A corresponding setting is possible via online banking.

The disadvantages of the Amazon Visa credit card

The biggest disadvantages of the Amazon credit card are the high fees for withdrawing money and paying in foreign currency, high debit interest and an initial low card limit. All the disadvantages in detail:

High fees

If you want to withdraw money from your credit card at ATMs, there are also quite high fees. These fees are even higher in Germany than abroad.

Abroad, they are 3% of the turnover – but at least 5 euros. In Germany, the minimum is 7.50 euros. If you have a credit on the credit card that you have deposited or saved yourself, there are no fees. But there is a foreign currency fee if you use the card outside the Eurozone.

bezahlen kreditkarte
When paying in foreign currency (e.g. in the USA), high fees will be charged with the Amazon credit card.

High debit interest

The disadvantage of this credit card is the high debit interest that arises when making a partial payment. Almost 15% interest is a lot. Even most overdraft facilities have lower interest rates, so it’s hardly worth actually using this installment agreement.

Low card limit

The card limit provided by Amazon is also very low in the first step. It is only 210 euros when applying for the credit card. The limit increases once you have confirmed your identity and once the Landesbank Berlin has checked your personal and financial requirements. The actual limit is then determined on the basis of these requirements. Note: The card limit may increase over time. If you pay all your bills on time and have proven yourself to be a reliable and regular user of the credit card.

Who is the Amazon credit card worth it for?

The Amazon credit card is a pure shopping credit card that is geared towards shopping at Amazon. It is therefore particularly suitable as an additional credit card for Amazon customers. A special treat is the starting credit of 40 euros.

If you are a Prime member at Amazon and therefore do not have to pay an annual fee for the credit card, you can actually save money in the long run with the bonus program. It’s especially worth it if you buy a lot from Amazon and can put the credit to use. If you are not a Prime member, the credit card is not worth it in most cases. Because then an annual fee of 19.99 euros is due.

The Amazon credit card is also unsuitable as a travel credit card or for withdrawing money. The fees at ATMs or when paying in foreign currency are very high. There are also no insurance packages associated with the credit card, or other extras, with which you can book, for example, a rental car particularly cheap. A clear distinction must be made here. If you are looking for a good insurance cover, then the Amazon credit card is not for you. It is also not for you if you want to make partial payments or need a particularly large credit line. For these cases, you will find very good alternatives, which we will present to you in the next section.

The alternatives to the Amazon credit card

If you are looking for a cashback credit card for shopping at Amazon, then the Amazon credit card is without alternative. For virtually all other uses, there are exciting alternatives.

If you’re looking for a universal credit card that lets you withdraw money without fees, then you should take a look at the free credit cards from Barclaycard and Hanseatic Bank. Both products also make excellent travel credit cards.

If you’re looking for a card with additional benefits, then it’s hard to go without an annual fee. The BMW credit card is a good alternative with very good insurance benefits but also quite high annual fees. If you are a frequent flyer and travel a lot, the Miles & More credit card from Lufthansa is a good solution. Both providers work together with DKB.

Conclusion on the Amazon credit card

Amazon has not reinvented the wheel with its own credit card. And the services around the card are not particularly exciting except for the bonus program. It is recommended under certain circumstances for Prime customers. Otherwise, it offers little incentive to sign a contract.

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  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte als Prime Mitglied
  • 3% Cashback auf Amazon Käufe
  • 0,5% Cashback auf alle anderen Käufe
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Fragen und Antworten (FAQ)

Wann ist die Amazon Kreditkarte kostenlos?

Die Jahresgebühr entfällt dann, wenn Du Amazon-Prime Kunde bist. Für reguläre Kunden von Amazon gilt lediglich im 1. Jahr eine Nutzung ohne Grundgebühr. Ab dem 2. Jahr musst Du eine Grundgebühr von 19,99 Euro für die Kreditkarte bezahlen, wenn Du nicht mindestens einen Umsatz von 1.000 Euro pro Jahr mit der Karte generierst.

Wie rechnet Amazon die Umsätze mit der Kreditkarte ab?

Es gibt keinen festen Zeitpunkt, an dem Du deine Abrechnung erhältst. Das Rechnungsdatum ist flexibel, so dass es immer darauf ankommt, wann Du die Karte beantragt. Nach Rechnungslegung dauert es aber sieben Tage, bis die Abbuchung von deinem Referenzkonto erfolgt. Die Abbuchung nimmt die Landesbank Berlin vor.

Kann ich mit der Amazon-Kreditkarte Geld abheben?

Es ist möglich, mit der Kreditkarte Geld am Automaten abzuheben. Allerdings musst du dafür eine relativ hohe Gebühr bezahlen.