American Express Payback Card

The Payback credit card from American Express Card is ideal for all those who are already members of Payback and need a free credit card for shopping. Because you can collect points twice – once with the Payback card and once with the Payback credit card.

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  • Mit jedem Umsatz Punkte sammeln
  • 1 Punkt pro 2 Euro Umsatz
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Advantages of the Payback American Express credit card

American Express is not only one of the largest credit card companies, but also the owner of Payback since 2010. The free Payback credit card combines the leading bonus system in Germany with the service of American Express. The three most important advantages: it is absolutely free(no annual fee), you collect additional Payback points with every transaction and you currently even get 4,000 Payback points as a welcome bonus.

4,000 Payback points welcome bonus

The 4,000 points will be credited to your Payback account approx. 4-6 weeks after you receive your credit card. But what are 4,000 Payback points actually worth?

It depends on what you do with the points: if you want to exchange them for cash, one point is worth one cent, so 4,000 points is exactly 40 euros. You can have the points transferred to your account as money, use them to shop in the Payback reward shop or to pay in Payback shops (e.g. REWE, dm).

Free credit card

As the only credit card in the American Express portfolio, the Payback credit card is permanently and unconditionally free. There is no basic fee at any time – even if you don’t use the card at all or only rarely. You can keep the bonus of 4,000 points in any case.

Collect points with every transaction

With the normal Payback card, you only earn points with Payback partners. The Payback credit card is completely different: here you receive one Payback point for every 2 euros spent. If you make a purchase at a Payback partner, you will receive these points in addition to the normal points.

However, there are a few exceptions where no points are credited. In particular, this applies to sales at petrol stations.

Exchange Payback points for Miles & More miles

There is a very special advantage for customers of the Lufthansa Miles & More bonus programme. Every Payback point earned can be exchanged 1:1 for Miles & More miles and used, for example, to finance free flights or upgrades to Lufthansa Business Class or even First Class.

90-day return policy

Although the Payback credit card is free, it includes benefits that are usually only found on premium credit cards. This definitely includes the extended exchange right for purchases made in-store (offline) or online (online). Goods are insured up to 300 euros per claim (max. 1200 euros per year), the minimum value of goods is 30 euros.

Disadvantages of the Payback American Express Credit Card

The American Express credit card is a pure shopping credit card. You should better not withdraw money with the credit card, because this is very expensive: a fee of 4% of the amount is due here, for smaller amounts there is even a minimum fee of 5 euros. There is also a 2% fee when paying in foreign currency, so we can’t recommend this credit card for travelling. There are much better products for this, especially the free Barclaycard or the Genialcard of the Hanseatic Bank.

For whom is the Payback American Express credit card worthwhile?

The Payback credit card is the ideal credit card for shopping: the card is free, you get points for every purchase and in addition you have an extended right to exchange the purchased goods (up to a maximum of 1200 euros).

However, the Paback credit card is definitely not a travel credit card and should not be used for cash withdrawals. Because it was not designed for this purpose and the fees are correspondingly expensive. However, there are plenty of alternatives for this purpose (see next section).

Alternatives to the Payback American Express Credit Card

If you only need a free credit card and do not attach great importance to collecting Payback points, you should take a look at free alternatives from Barclaycard and Hanseatic Bank. These two credit cards are also free, but you can also pay and withdraw money worldwide for free.

If you are particularly interested in collecting points or miles, the credit cards from Lufthansa Miles&More and all credit cards from American Express are a good or even better alternative.


As an “upgrade” to the normal Payback card, the Payback credit card is the ideal addition. It is absolutely free, you get points worth at least 40 euros for free and you can collect points with (almost) every transaction.

However, it is not suitable for withdrawing cash and for travelling outside the euro zone. This is because there are relatively high fees for both withdrawals and payments in foreign currencies.

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  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Mit jedem Umsatz Punkte sammeln
  • 1 Punkt pro 2 Euro Umsatz
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Fragen und Antworten (FAQ)

Ist die Payback Kreditkarte wirklich kostenlos?

Ja, die Jahresgebühr leigt dauerhaft bei 0 Euro.

Kann ich mit der Payback Kreditkarte kostenlos Bargeld abheben?

Nein, beim Abheben von Bargeld am Automaten fallen relativ hohe Gebühren an (4%, mindestens 5 Euro).


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