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The Barclaycard Visa is a free credit card from Barclaycard, which is one of the best free credit cards with its current fee model. Particularly noteworthy is the possibility to withdraw cash worldwide free of charge and to pay worldwide free of charge (without foreign currency fee).

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Barclaycard is the brand name for the credit cards of the major British bank Barclay. With more than 1.4 million credit cards issued, Barclaycard is one of the most important providers in Germany. Especially the free Barclaycard Visa is extremely popular because of its attractive conditions. Why this is so, we explain on this page.

  1. What are the advantages of the Barclaycard Visa?
  2. What are the disadvantages of the Barclaycard Visa?
  3. For whom is the Barclaycard Visa worthwhile?
  4. For whom is the Barclaycard Visa not worthwhile?
  5. Are there alternatives to the Barclaycard Visa?
  6. Conclusion on the Barclaycard Visa

What are the advantages of the Barclaycard Visa?

The Barclaycard Visa is one of the best free credit cards. With its extensive benefits, it’s ideal for those who don’t yet have a credit card or want to replace their paid credit card with a good free alternative.

No annual fee

There is no permanent annual fee for the Barclaycard Visa. There is no minimum turnover or other conditions. Even if you do not use the card at all, you will not incur any costs.

Complete, automatic debiting of the outstanding amount possible

This is a very important point, which is often overlooked at the beginning and can then lead to unpleasant surprises. If you do not pay your credit card bill within 3 months, you will pay relatively steep interest. With the Barclaycard this can’t happen to you, because you pay your bill automatically by direct debit.

Withdraw cash worldwide free of charge

For many, this is the most important feature of a credit card at all: to be able to withdraw money free of charge at really all ATMs. This is not a matter of course: if you want to withdraw money with your bank card at an ATM of another bank, you often have to pay really steep fees. With most credit cards, too, you have to pay a fee to withdraw money. Not so with the Barclaycard: here you can use practically all ATMs without a fee. And not only in Germany, but worldwide.

Pay free of charge worldwide

This point is also often underestimated. Paying free of charge – isn’t that a matter of course with a credit card? Not at all – and that applies to purchases in foreign currencies. If you order something from an online shop in Switzerland or withdraw money from an ATM in Zurich, a “normal” credit card will charge fees for converting Swiss francs into euros. Not so with the Barclaycard, here there are no costs for paying in foreign currencies.

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With the Barclaycard Visa you can withdraw cash worldwide free of charge.

Security for online payments and delivery protection

The topic of security is extremely important for credit cards. Barclaycard claims to be particularly attentive to the needs of its customers and offers a 24-hour emergency hotline, protection in the event of card misuse, up to 500 euros in emergency cash, security for online payments and delivery protection for goods ordered online.

Extended payment period

Another advantage of the Barclaycard credit card is the long payment period of up to 58 days. In contrast to the credit cards of most branch banks, purchases are always settled in the following month. This increases your financial leeway not inconsiderably.

In addition, there is also the so-called hire purchase option. This allows you to convert individual purchases or even the entire monthly statement into a loan.

What are the disadvantages of the Barclaycard Visa?

If you look at older reviews of Barclaycard credit cards on the Internet, you will find numerous negative comments about the billing model. In this regard, there were frequent complaints, because customers could not automatically pay the full amount of the credit card statement by direct debit. This resulted in interest charges that would have been superfluous and avoidable.

However, Barclaycard has reacted to this criticism. Since then, a complete, automatic debit of the outstanding amount is possible.

For whom is the Barclaycard Visa worthwhile?

With its attractive conditions, the free Barclaycard credit card is suitable for almost all target groups.

  • For all those who rarely need a credit card. Since there is no annual fee and no minimum purchase, there can be no hidden costs.
  • As a travel credit card. If you are often abroad, you can save a lot of money with this credit card. This is because there are no charges for withdrawing money from ATMs or paying in foreign currencies.
  • For customers of a branch bank with a chargeable credit card. Here, too, you can save a lot of money if you cancel your current credit card and replace it with the BArclaycard Visa.

For whom is the Barclaycard Visa not worthwhile?

There is no best credit card for everyone. For certain target groups, another credit card could be significantly more advantageous.

  • For frequent flyers and mileage collectors. If you want to get miles and free flights at a low price, it is better to use another credit card such as the Miles&More credit cards or the American Express Platinum Card. Although there is an annual fee, the bottom line is that you can save a lot of money.
  • As a business credit card. If you need a credit card for your business, you can get an extremely wide range of additional benefits with other products. Our most popular product (which we also use ourselves) for this is the American Express Platinum Business Card.
  • For Cashback. The Barclaycard is free, but you also don’t get cashback in the form of points or cash for purchases. Here, the Payback credit card from American Express could be an interesting free alternative.

Are there alternatives to the Barclaycard Visa?

If you are looking for a free credit card, the Barclaycard Visa is a good choice. But there are also good alternatives, especially the free credit cards of the Hanseatic Bank and the DKB with similar conditions (no annual fee, no withdrawal fees, no foreign currency fee).

  • The GenialCard of the Hanseatic Bank is like the Barclaycard Visa a “real credit card”, with longer terms and installment purchases for the monthly statement are possible.
  • The DKB Visa is only available together with a free current account. Payments in foreign currencies are also only free of charge for so-called active customers. For this, you must actively use the linked current account of DKB and show a monthly cash inflow of at least 700 euros.

Conclusion on the Barclaycard Visa

With its current conditions, the Barclaycard Visa is clearly one of the best free credit cards you can get in Germany. We at travelguide.de can recommend it without reservation.

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Fragen und Antworten (FAQ)

Ist die Barclaycard Visa kostenlos?

Ja, es handelt sich tatsächlich um eine 100% kostenlose Kreditkarte. Dies gilt dauerhaft: sowohl im ersten Jahr wie auch in allen Folgejahren muss keine Jahresgebühr bezahlt werden.

Was kostet Geld abheben mit der Barclaycard Visa?

Das Abheben von Geld am Gelautomaten ist mit der Barclaycard Visa weltweit gebührenfrei. Dies gilt auch für das Abheben von Geld in Ländern mit einer anderen Währung, z.B. den USA, Schweden oder der Schweiz.

Unterstützt die Barclaycard Apple Pay und Google Pay?

Ja, beide Systeme werden unterstützt. Sobald Du deine Karte erhalten hast, kannst Du sie im Smartphone hinterlegen und damit an der Kasse bezahlen.


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