Free credit cards

Are you looking for a free credit card and want to know which bank currently offers the best conditions? On this page we present some of the most popular free credit cards.

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Top 10 Free Credit Cards

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  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Kostenlose Abhebungen weltweit
  • Keine Gebühren bei Fremdwährung
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Kostenloses Girokonto
  • Kostenlose Abhebungen weltweit
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Kostenlos Bargeld abheben
  • inkl. kostenloses Girokonto
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte als Prime Mitglied
  • 3% Cashback auf Amazon Käufe
  • 0,5% Cashback auf alle anderen Käufe
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • inklusive Reiseversicherungen
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Kostenlose Abhebungen weltweit
  • Keine Gebühren im Ausland
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Mit jedem Umsatz Punkte sammeln
  • 1 Punkt pro 2 Euro Umsatz
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Weltweit kostenfreie Zahlungen
  • Wichtige Reiseversicherungen inklusive
  • Kostenfreier Kredit bis zu sieben Wochen
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Kostenloses Geldabheben möglich
  • Girokonto inklusive
  • Abrechnung direkt mit Girokonto
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Kostenfreie Zahlungen weltweit
  • Kostenfreie Bargeldabhebungen
  • Girokonto inklusive

What is the best free credit card 2021?

There is no such thing as the best free credit card for everyone. Everyone is different, and choosing the right credit card depends on individual needs. Nevertheless, we have a few favourites, all of which we rate as “very good”.

The Hanseatic Bank GenialCard is the ideal credit card for travelling. You can use the VISA card to withdraw and pay money worldwide free of charge, Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported and you have an instant credit limit of 2,500 euros.

The Barclaycard VISA card is not only free of charge, you currently even get a 50 euro starting credit. Withdrawals are also free worldwide, but you pay a small fee for paying in another currency. The Barclaycard is particularly attractive for couples and families: up to three fully-fledged Barclaycard Visa partner cards are included.

The TF Mastercard Gold is a so-called “Gold Credit Card” with extensive additional features. For example, travel cancellation insurance and international health insurance are already included here – and completely free of charge! However, withdrawing money is not free of charge.

Ideal for traveling is also the DKB VISA Cardwhich is available in combination with a free current account. As with the Hanseatic credit card, withdrawals are free of charge worldwide. The fees for converting currencies are waived if you are an “active customer” with a monthly cash inflow of at least 700 euros.

For those who like to collect Payback points, the free credit card from Payback Credit Card from American Express could be useful for you. As with the other cards, there is no annual fee, and you also receive Payback points as cashback – for all purchases, not just from Payback partners. The “normal” Payback points are additionally on top.

Questions and answers (FAQ)

What to do with negative Schufa?

A good credit rating is required for all three credit cards. This means that your credit card application will most likely be rejected if you have a negative Schufa entry. Since this can have an even more negative effect on your score, you should better not apply in this case.

However, prepaid credit cards are not a problem. These are not “real” credit cards, but must first be loaded with money. Therefore, no Schufa query is required.