ING Visa Card

With the Visa Card, ING offers a completely free credit card with which you can withdraw cash from ATMs at no additional cost. These free withdrawals are valid in Germany and in the eurozone. However, the ING Visa Card is linked to a current account that you must also have with ING.

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  • Kostenloses Geldabheben möglich
  • Girokonto inklusive
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  1. The advantages of the ING Visa Card
  2. The disadvantages of the ING Visa Card
  3. What alternatives are recommended to the ING Visa Card?
  4. Our conclusion on the ING Visa Card

Why use the ING credit card offer?

As with many other direct banks, ING attaches some conditions to its Visa credit card. One of these conditions is that you can only use the credit card if you also have a current account with ING. At first glance, this is not disadvantageous, since ING provides the current account as well as the credit card free of charge.

If you compare the credit card with other providers, then the ING Visa Card compares particularly well with the DKB credit card or with the credit card from Comdirect. At least if you look at the costs and the general process. As always, there are differences in the details. Therefore, we want to show you what the ING Visa Card can do, whether it is well suited for travel and why the ING Visa Card can be a good choice.

The advantages of the ING Visa Card

Most consumers first look at the basic fee that comes with a credit card. With the ING Visa Card, there is no basic fee. And that alone is a deciding factor for many consumers to apply for the credit card.

Free current account

If you are looking for a new bank for your current account, then it will certainly be advantageous for you if ING is your new contact. As a direct bank, the current account is free of charge, just like the credit card. However, only if the monthly cash inflow is at least 700 €. If you use the current account at ING as a second account, it can quickly become tight. If you have less than €700 in incoming money per month, you will incur account management fees of just under €5.00 per month. The credit card remains free of charge. The current account, which belongs to the credit card, can then generate costs.

Withdraw cash free of charge

The fact that the credit card has no monthly or annual fee is an outstanding advantage. Another advantage is that you can withdraw money with the ING Visa Card completely free of charge. This rule applies within Germany and in all countries that belong to the euro zone. You can withdraw cash at any ATM without any fees. The prerequisite for this is that this ATM has the Visa symbol. Because of this advantage, you don’t have to look for a bank that works with ING when you travel, but can use almost any ATM. There are very few ATMs that do not accept Visa credit cards.

However, if you are travelling outside the euro zone, you will incur fees when withdrawing money. Furthermore, you have to take into account that you have to withdraw at least 50,00 €. A smaller amount is not possible.

Special conditions for students

Similar to n26, students have the opportunity to apply for the ING Visa Card. Through the combination with the current account, the free credit card of ING is a product that offers especially younger people a little flexibility.

Note: It is possible to link the current account with an overdraft facility. The current interest rate for this is around 7.00%. This is very low when compared to the interest rates that other card providers charge, for example, for credit card installment agreements. Up to 20.00% is sometimes due.

Apple Pay

The ING Visa Card allows you to pay with your iPhone. Apple Pay has been one of the services you can use through this credit card for some time.

The disadvantages of the ING Visa Card

Whether it’s a disadvantage or perhaps an advantage, you’ll have to decide for yourself. The ING Visa Card is issued as a debit card only. This means that you do not have a credit line. Compared to normal credit cards, with a debit card the amount you spend is debited from your current account within two days. The debit does not take place once a month, but whenever you have paid with the card.

This has the advantage that you have a better overview of your expenses. But it also has the disadvantage that your financial leeway is smaller. Because you are not granted a credit line that you can use for 30 days or for 60 days as for example with Barclaycard. In addition, this means that you cannot make any instalment agreements.

Long-distance travel

The free cash withdrawal applies only to Germany and the euro zone. If you like to travel further afield and to countries outside the euro zone, you will have to pay a fee for cash withdrawals at ATMs. This is the so-called foreign currency fee.

Here too, you must withdraw at least €50.00.

Additional services

The ING Visa Card is also very unimaginative when it comes to additional services. Thus, it fits seamlessly into the offers of other card providers who also provide free credit cards. There are no insurance benefits attached to the ING Visa Card. If you are looking for such benefits, the offer from Barclaycard or Hanseatic Bank is well worth it.

When is the ING Visa Card worthwhile and when is it not?

Whether the ING Visa Card is worthwhile for you depends on various aspects. It is worthwhile if you are looking for a simple credit card that has no basic fee. It’s not worth it if you’re looking for a credit card that comes with comprehensive insurance benefits and offers you a generous payment range. You don’t have either with the ING Visa Card.

On the other hand, the card is recommended if you are travelling within the Eurozone. It is also recommended if you want to use the free current account as your main account at the same time.

If you are looking for a credit card that also comes without an annual fee, then the Hanseatic Bank and DKB are interesting contacts. The Hanseatic Bank also offers you a 30.00 € starting credit.

If you are looking for a card with which you can collect points and which has travel insurance included, then American Express, Barclaycard or BMW are your ideal contacts.

Our conclusion on the ING Visa Card

The credit card is designed as a debit card and offers no real credit line. Because the amounts are debited from your account within a very short time. On the other hand, the card is free of charge and you can pay with it everywhere where no EC card is accepted.

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Fragen und Antworten (FAQ)

Gibt es die ING Visa Card ausschließlich mit Girokonto?

Ja, die ING Visa Card ist nur mit einem Girokonto erhältlich. Sie kann nicht einzeln beantragt werden.

Wie viel kostet die ING Visa Card?

Die ING Visa Card ist ohne jährliche Grundgebühr. Sie wird gemeinsam mit einem Girokonto kostenfrei bereitgestellt.

Für wen ist die ING Visa Card geeignet?

Nutzen können die ING VISA Card alle Personen, die über 18 Jahre alt sind. Auch Studenten profitieren von dieser Kreditkarte.


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