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N26 is a pure internet bank that tries to attract attention with different products. The bank already has more than five million customers. Probably also due to the credit card, which is offered in combination with a current account. But what is special about the n26 MasterCard? And is it really worth it?

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N26 is a direct bank from Berlin that was founded in 2013 and specializes in banking via smartphone. In addition to a free current account that can be applied for and managed entirely via app, N26 also offers a free Mastercard credit card.

  1. The advantages of the n26 MasterCard credit card
  2. The disadvantages of the N26 MasterCard credit card
  3. Possible alternatives to the N26 MasterCard
  4. Our conclusion on the N26 MasterCard

The advantages of the n26 MasterCard credit card

For most consumers, the important thing is that the n26 MasterCard is offered as a free credit card. You don’t have a monthly or annual base fee. Neither in the first year nor in subsequent years. An advantage that clearly stands out compared to other providers such as Barclaycard.

Free current account

The n26 MasterCard is linked to a free current account. You don’t get the credit card separately. The current account does not have to be your main account. You can use it flexibly. It is offered as a complete package with the credit card, costs no money and makes your payments with the credit card but also with the EC card to the current account even more flexible.

Pupils and students

Most credit cards are aimed at consumers who have a fixed income. This is not the case for pupils and students, so they very rarely have the chance to apply for a credit card. The n26 MasterCard is also suitable for pupils and for students. The digital bank wants to appeal to a broad mass with its products. This succeeds with the credit card the very well.

Foreign currency fees

When you pay abroad with the n26 MasterCard, there are generally no foreign currency fees. No matter in which currency you pay. You don’t have to worry about any additional surcharges. In addition, the MasterCard conversion rate is always used if you can’t pay in euros. This is traditionally very favorable, so you get a very good conversion rate.

Google Pay and Apple Pay

The n26 MasterCard is one of the few credit cards that can be linked to Apple Pay and Google Pay. This is an advantage if a lot of purchases are to be made online.

Cash withdrawals

Cash withdrawals with the n26 credit card are free when made under the cash26 program. Cash26 gives you the chance to withdraw money for free from more than 7,000 retail partners. These include supermarkets and drugstores, among others. Withdrawals are made directly through the n26 app. You don’t have to physically have your credit card with you.

The same applies to cash deposits that can be made via cash26. However, these cash deposits are only free of charge if they amount to a maximum of €100 per month. If you exceed this, 1.50% of the deposited amount is due as a fee.

The disadvantages of the N26 MasterCard credit card

Cash withdrawals

There are also disadvantages when it comes to cash withdrawals. If you withdraw money at the supermarket or drugstore, it’s free for you. However, if you use an ATM, the situation is different. There are fees here that are very opaque.

As an “active customer”, you can withdraw money from an ATM free of charge up to five times a month. The ATM must have a MasterCard sign for this. You are an active customer if you have at least €1,000 in incoming money per month. If you are not an active customer because your monthly cash inflow is less than €1,000, only three withdrawals are free of charge.

There is a further differentiation between active customers and non-active customers who are younger or older than 26 years. If you are younger than 26, you always have five withdrawals per month for free. If you are older than 26, the rule is that the number of free withdrawals is based on the minimum amount of money in your current account.

The current account

As nice as a free current account is – you can only apply for the n26 MasterCard in combination with the current account. This is always free of charge and offers various advantages. But the current account is also in your Schufa, so it is an additional entry that may have a negative impact on the Schufa score.

Direct debits

If you use the N26 MasterCard, the amount is debited directly from your current account. Your monthly payments are not collected and charged once a month. This is also the case with the VISA card from Consorsbank, for example. You do not get a free credit through this procedure, as it is the case for example with the credit cards of Barclaycard. There is no payment term that lies in the future, but your expenses are debited directly from your current account.

Note: It is possible to set up an overdraft facility with the n26 current account. This would at least give you a little financial leeway, even if it entails additional interest.

Additional services

Disadvantageous especially for travel also the fact that the n26 MasterCard offers no additional insurance services or the like. The classic travel insurance is missing, so that these must be taken additionally. On the other hand, the credit card is completely free and offers other advantages.

For whom is the credit card worthwhile and for whom is it not?

If you are looking for a credit card without annual fee, which also includes a current account, then the offer of n26 will be interesting for you. The lack of a credit line due to the immediate debit from the current account and the lack of travel insurance and bonus programs are a flaw that some consumers do not want.

Possible alternatives to the N26 MasterCard

The n26 MasterCard is a very plain and simple credit card. You manage it through online banking or through the app. Since it has no base fee and allows at least some free withdrawals, there won’t be many alternatives in this area. If you want to take advantage of travel benefits, check out Lufthansa’s offer. Hanseatic Bank also has a lot to offer in this area.

Our conclusion on the N26 MasterCard

The credit card can definitely be described as a good and strong product. Due to the non-existent basic fee, it is very attractive at first glance. However, it does not offer any financial leeway, as it is debited directly from the current account. In addition, the options for additional services are very limited.

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Fragen und Antworten (FAQ)

Ist die Kreditkarte von n26 wirklich kostenlos?

Die MasterCard von N26 ist frei von Grundgebühren. Völlig kostenlos ist sie aber nicht, weil Du beispielsweise eine Gebühr für das Abheben von Geld bezahlen musst, wenn Du die monatliche Freimenge überschreitest.

Ist die n26 MasterCard eine gute Kreditkarte fürs Verreisen?

Die N26 MasterCard bietet leider keine Zusatzversicherungen für das Reisen an. Dafür hast Du keine Fremdwährungsgebühren, wenn Du die Karte im Ausland einsetzt.

Ist die Karte für digitales Bezahlen geeignet?

N26 bietet die Möglichkeit, die MasterCard mit Google Pay und mit Apple Pay zu verknüpfen. Sie kannst Du bequem online bezahlen.


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