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Dining in Stockholm

Culinary tips in all price ranges

Cheap food & drinks in Stockholm

The advantage of Stockholm: one never has to search for a restaurant for a long time – there are everywhere smaller and bigger restaurants with specialities from all countries. But it is more difficult to find something cheap. Therefore, here are some tips with which one can save the travel money.

The cheapest way is to have lunch somewhere. Almost every restaurant offers a lunch from 11-14 o’clock (with some luck also longer), in which often also bread, salad and a drink, sometimes also a coffee afterwards are included. The whole thing is between 65:- and 85:- SEK, is usually tasty, a lot and above all cheap by Stockholm standards. In the evening, you quickly pay double for the same meal.

Ready-made pasta salads, which are available in every supermarket with various side dishes (ham, tuna, shrimp, feta cheese…) in the refrigerated section, are great for on the go. Including dressing and plastic fork for 45:- SEK-if you buy a bun, even 2 people are full!

My favorite: “Rice”, Nybrogatan 16, T-Bana: Östermalmstorg. There is also an all-you-can-eat offer with sushi and Asian dishes, salad and ice cream for dessert. The buffet costs SEK 95 for lunch and SEK 145 for dinner.

Important: Water (non-carbonated) is ALWAYS and everywhere free of charge. Simply order “vanlig vatten”. Coffee can often be ordered again for free, this is called “påtår”.
By the way: Dinner in Sweden is called “middag”! And tips are rather unusual here. You only pay a little more for particularly good service.