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Destination Gotland

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Destination Gotland is a Swedish shipping company that operates ferry services from mainland Sweden to the island of Gotland. It is the only provider of ferry services to Gotland.
Die Routen von Destination Gotland

Destination Gotland was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Rederi AB Gotland. Since that year, the shipping company has offered connections to Gotland. The ports of departure on the Swedish mainland are Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn, while on Gotland there is always a call at the capital Visby. Destination Gotland operates all year round; during the summer season there are up to 21 tours per day, in winter there are considerably fewer.

The connection from the port of Nynäshamn, which is close to the capital Stockholm, is the more important of the two sailing routes. During the high season in summer, at least four ships depart from Nynäshamn every day, and on some days six, including some trips during the night. In winter, the route is served once or twice on all days. The Oskarshamn-Visby route has slightly fewer departures, with two to three sailings a day in the summer and one a day six days a week in the winter.

Destination Gotland’s fleet currently consists of four ferries, two of which are conventional ferries with a cruising speed of 28.5 knots and a transport capacity of 1500 passengers and 500 cars each, and two fast ferries with a cruising speed of 32 knots and a capacity of 700-780 passengers and around 150 cars. The fast ferries are only used as back-up in the summer.

The crossing takes about three hours each way. All ships have a restaurant complex, a shop, a bistro or café and play facilities for children. Video films are also shown on the larger ships.

From 2007 to 2009, Destination Gotland also offered a ferry service between Gotland and the island of Öland. However, this service was discontinued in the summer of 2009 following an accident between two ships on this route.
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Destination Gotland Ferries

Overview of all ferry routes to and from Destination Gotland:

Ferries Sweden

Visby - Nynäshamn

3 Sailings Daily
3 h 15 min

Visby - Oskarshamn

12 Sailings Weekly
2 h 55 min

Visby - Västervik

9 Sailings Weekly
2 h 30 min

Destination Gotland ferry ports