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Founded in 1947, the Italian Grimaldi Group has its headquarters in Naples. The company is multinationally active in logistics, freight and passenger transport. One part of the group is the shipping company Grimaldi Lines. The shipping company is active with its ship connections in the entire Mediterranean area.
Die Routen von Grimaldi Lines

It was shortly after the turmoil of World War II that Guido Grimaldi and his four brothers started a shipping company. They started with a freighter that the Americans had used in the war. As passenger demands grew and world trade increased, the Grimaldi Group expanded. It served the Mediterranean-South America route with comfortable passenger ships. At the end of the 1960s, it concentrated on the transport of vehicles between Europe and the Mediterranean. The company is considered a pioneer in the development of motorways of the sea.

Grimaldi Lines offers safe, fast ferry services at reasonable rates, especially with interesting offers for residents.
In addition to 19 freighters for liner services to Africa and South America, Grimaldi Lines currently operates 15 ferry vessels. They all belong to the latest generation of ships and offer a high level of comfort. The cabins and suites are equipped with upholstered furniture, radio and minibar. The ships offer services, shops, cafés, wellness, casino, swimming pool, sun terrace and fast food facilities.
Grimaldi Lines is particularly committed to the so-called Accessible Tourism. This means special attention to passengers with reduced mobility, parents with prams and small children, the hearing or visually impaired and people with chronic illnesses. As a service provider, the shipping company is committed to ensuring that every passenger has a pleasant crossing.

Grimaldi Lines offers attractive ferry routes. The ships connect port cities on numerous islands and countries such as Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sardinia, Malta, Tunisia, Sicily and Greece.
However, Grimaldi Lines does not only offer ferry trips, but also interesting travel arrangements. For example the package ship + hotel with beautiful accommodations on Sardinia, Sicily or in Spain. Guests can spend a weekend on board in Barcelona or Rome. The shipping company also offers tailor-made honeymoon trips.

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Grimaldi Lines Ferries

Overview of all ferry routes to and from Grimaldi Lines:

Ferries Greece - Italy

Brindisi - Korfu

3 Sailings Weekly
8 h 30 min
3 Sailings Weekly
8 h 30 min

Brindisi - Patras

3 Sailings Weekly
16 h 30 min

Ferries Italy

Ferries Italy - Tunisia

Tunis - Civitavecchia

1 Sailings Weekly
18 h 30 min
1 Sailings Weekly
18 h 30 min

Tunis - Palermo

2 Sailings Weekly
10 h 30 min

Ferries Spain - Italy

Grimaldi Lines ferry ports