Norled is a Norwegian ferry company that operates numerous services from the Norwegian mainland to Norwegian islands and coastal towns. It also offers cruises in some of Norway's largest fjords.
Die Routen von Norled

Norled is the successor company to Tide Sjø AS. The name Nordled has been used since a merger in 2012. As a contracting company of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norled mainly covers short- and medium-haul connections from Norwegian coastal towns to the numerous offshore islands, thus ensuring their supply. In addition, there are some connections that bridge fjords, such as the deeply cut Sognefjord. In the Oslofjord, Norled operates five routes that are served by express boats and form part of the extended urban transport network around the Norwegian capital.

In total, Norled’s route network includes 224 routes and 19 ports. In keeping with its large area of operation and extensive network, Norled currently operates an extensive fleet of 45 car ferries and 17 fast ferries (without vehicle spaces). These include some of the world’s first all-electric ferries.

Express ferry services are offered in Hordaland, Oslofjord, Rogaland, Sogn and Fjordane and Troms. Most ferry services run once or twice a day, with journey times usually between one and two hours; the shortest crossings (from Aurland to Flåm and from Mjømna to Vardetangen) take only ten minutes. The longest routes start in Bergen and go to the coastal town of Selje and into the Sognefjord to Flåm and Sogndal. The journey time for these routes is around five hours.

A special feature are the cruise routes that Norled offers in three fjords (Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord and Lysefjord) during the summer season.

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Norled Fähren

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