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Stena Line is one of the largest ferry companies in the world, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company operates 17 routes between the Netherlands and Great Britain, as well as on the Irish Sea and the Baltic Sea between Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Latvia.
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All ferry routes 2023 / 2024

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Ferries in United Kingdom (domestic)


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About Stena Line

The Stena Line shipping company is one of the largest ferry operators in Europe and connects major ports in nine countries. With a total of 35 ferries, Stena Line offers passenger and freight connections on 17 routes. Stena Line AB is a subsidiary of the Swedish parent company Stena AB, based in Gothenburg.

The beginnings of the Stena Line shipping company can be traced back to Sten Allan Olsson (1916-2013), who founded the company Sten A Olssons Metallprodukter in 1939. In 1946, he purchased the first ferry and entered the shipping business. The actual Stena Line was established in 1962 with the acquisition of the Skagenlinjen from Gothenburg to Skagen. In the following years, the shipping company expanded continuously and opened additional routes, including the Kiel-Gothenburg route in 1967.

In the mid-1990s, Stena Line began using high-speed ferries and continued to expand its cargo business. In 2016, four ships of the E-Flexer class were ordered, of which the Stena Estrid will enter service in early 2020.

Stena Line’s main routes include connections between the Netherlands and the UK, on the Irish Sea, and on the Baltic Sea between Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Latvia. The shipping company operates a total of 35 ferries, including high-speed catamarans such as the Stena Explorer.

A key Stena Line vessel is the Stena Estrid, the first E-Flexer class vessel, which will operate between Holyhead and Dublin in the Irish Sea from early 2020. The E-Flexer class is characterized by environmentally friendly design and high energy efficiency.


Ferries and ships

All info about the ferries from Stena Line. Click on the name of the ship to get more information about the ship and its current position.