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Attractions and sights


The Palmengarten in Frankfurt is one of three botanical gardens in the city. It was opened in 1871 and has enjoyed great popularity among locals and tourists ever since.

Old Opera House

Old Opera House
The Alte Oper in Frankfurt am Main is a former opera house that is no longer used as such. Concerts and congresses have been held in the historic building, which was opened in 1880 after a long period of planning and construction, since its reconstruction after its destruction in World War ...


It is one of the most historic places in Germany: the Paulskirche in Frankfurt. The building has played a central role in Germany's recent history and today serves as a national monument to Germany and a German identity.

The Gutenberg Monument

The Gutenberg Monument
The Johannes Gutenberg Monument is located on the Roßmarkt in Frankfurt am Main. It still commemorates the invention of letterpress printing, its inventor and the printers and publishers working in Frankfurt. The model was ceremoniously presented to the public on the occasion of the city's 400th anniversary. That was ...

Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral
Founded on the remains of a simple Merovingian chapel, Frankfurt's Imperial Cathedral is the most outstanding sacred building in the Hessian metropolis. Once a symbol of national unity, today it is an illustrative object of several centuries of Central European history.

Guide to Frankfurt

Travel and accommodation

“Mainhattan” is the affectionate nickname for Frankfurt am Main. The capital of Hesse owes it to its skyline, which is reminiscent of New York. The skyscrapers of the city center form Frankfurt’s banking district and can be seen from far away.
But Frankfurt offers much more than its skyline: Goethe’s birthplace can be visited here, as can the Städel Museum, which features paintings by Rembrandt, Cranach and Botticelli.
In Frankfurt’s old town, things get really cozy: the pub district Sachsenhausen surprises with tiny alleys, bubbling fountains and old half-timbered houses and transports its visitors to another time in no time.

Stock Exchange & Banks

Frankfurt is the world’s third largest trading center for securities. It is also home to the European Central Bank and the headquarters of numerous German banks.

City of Literature

Frankfurt is not only the home of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, probably the most famous German writer, but also the location of the world’s largest book fair.

Apple cider

The “Stöffche”, made from apple juice, is the national drink of the people of Frankfurt. Served in style in a stone jug (Bembel) and a cut glass (Gerippte).

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