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Getting to Bruges

Arriving by plane

For many people, the fastest way to get to Bruges is probably by plane. Although the city does not have its own airport, the proximity (about 110 km) to the airports in Antwerp, Brussels, but it is very fast to reach from all German airports.

Many visitors to the city also reach Bruges via the nearby Ostend/Bruges airport. The old town, 25 kilometres away, can be easily reached via the A10 and A187/E40 motorways or by city bus 6. However, the airport primarily serves southern climes – there are no direct connections to and from Germany.

Arriving by car

Bruges enjoys very good transport connections and is accessible via the motorway. As the parking situation in the narrow streets and along the canals of the metropolis is problematic on some days, it is advisable for out-of-town visitors to leave their car in one of the numerous car parks outside the city. The Boogschutterslaan, Bevrijdingslaan and Steenbrugge are particularly suitable for this. They are all easily accessible from the E40 motorway.
Since the ravages of time and the permanent silting up of the shipping lanes have separated Bruges from the North Sea, the international ferry port of Zeebrugge has been one of the city’s gateways to the world. From here there is a connection to Hull in the UK. In addition, Zeebrugge on the Strait of Dover is an important port for cruises.

Arriving by train

Bruges Central Station is an important station on the rail link from Brussels to Ostend. However, due to the location of the station, the western part of the city with Boeveriestraat and Smeedenstraat was separated from the historic core of the old town. The train connection from Cologne to Bruges takes just over three hours.