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Visiting Heidelberg? Then be sure to visit the Kornmarkt! The square is located not far from the market square. To the north runs the main street, to the south begins the Burgweg. It leads up to Heidelberg Castle. A hospital once stood on the site of the Kornmarkt. The outlines of the small hospital chapel are still visible today. Later there was a milk and cabbage market here. In the middle of the square stands the Kornmarkt-Madonna, a Marian column from the 18th century.

The history of the Kornmarkt

The Kornmarkt is a well-known square in the heart of Heidelberg’s old town. You can reach the Kornmarkt from different sides: Stroll from the Old Bridge on the Necker River, across Karlsplatz to the Town Hall, further across Marktplatz, to Kornmarkt. During the stroll you will pass many historic buildings, numerous small shops, large fashion stores and boutiques as well as several cozy cafes and restaurants.

The Kornmarkt was built in the early 16th century. Before that, there was a hospital on the site of today’s Kornmarkt. In 1551 the hospital buildings were transferred to the University of Heidelberg. Due to the poor condition of the buildings, the rooms could not be used for teaching. In 1557, the city council submitted a proposal to Elector Ottheinrich to redesign the square. The idea was to set up a milk and cabbage market for regional traders. The plan was implemented, so that the old buildings were demolished and a milk and cabbage market opened. Today you can recognize the Kornmarkt by the Muttergottesbrunnen and the Palais Graimberg. On the west side of the market there is also a replica of a well-known luxury hotel.

Christmas fairy tale at the Kornmarkt

During Heidelberg’s Christmas market, thousands of small lights illuminate the Kornmarkt. During a Christmas stroll through the illuminated alleys of Heidelberg, you will pass more than 140 stalls. The circular route takes you past the squares of the old town. At this time of year, the Kornmarkt also shines in Christmas splendour and welcomes its visitors with a fairytale winter forest with a nativity scene, stable, small stalls and candlelight. The smell of mulled wine and sweet treats is everywhere. Afterwards, the tour continues in the direction of Karlsplatz. Here you can go ice skating in front of the wintry castle scenery before continuing towards Marktplatz and Universitätsplatz. Here you can expect pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, Christmas music and all kinds of beautiful things.

Kornmarkt valley station

By the way, there is also a valley station of the same name! It belongs to the Heidelberg Bergbahn, which transports visitors daily from Kornmarkt up to Heidelberg Castle. Enjoy the impressive atmosphere of the building and the fantastic view over the city.