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The Brothers Grimm were born in Hanau and created much of their work in Kassel. Whether Hessen's deep forests and the gentle elevations of the low mountain ranges inspired them cannot be determined with certainty, but it is often easy to feel transported to the world of legends and fairy tales in these natural areas. If you are traveling in the Taunus or the Odenwald, for example, the Rhine-Main region around the banking metropolis of Frankfurt seems much further away than it really is. In any case, Hessen can convince with skyscrapers as well as with half-timbered houses and with modern art as well as with thermal springs and beautiful natural landscapes.

Popular destinations in Hesse

We show you the most beautiful cities in Hesse.

Popular regions in Hessen

Die 10 größten Städte in Hessen



0.8 million inhabitants
“Mainhattan” is the affectionate nickname for Frankfurt am Main. The capital of Hesse owes it to its skyline, which is reminiscent of New York. The skyscrapers of the city center form Frankfurt’s banking district and can be seen from far away. But Frankfurt offers much more than its skyline: ...


0.3 million inhabitants
Even the Romans knew about the hot springs, which made Wiesbaden with its ideal location between the Taunus and the Rhine in the 19th century to a leading health resort in Europe . Casino Wiesbaden The casino in Wiesbaden is one of the most famous and traditional casinos in Germany. Since 1810, ...


0.2 million inhabitants
After Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Kassel is the third largest city in Hesse. Home to more than 200,000 inhabitants, the city in northern Hesse is one of the state's destinations worth visiting. This is also ensured by cultural highlights such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, where the palace ...


0.2 million inhabitants
Darmstadt is not only a major city in Hesse, but also an important economic and cultural center of the state. Media, IT and pharmaceutical companies feel just as much at home here as universities and colleges as well as renowned cultural institutions. Since 2021, the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt has been ...

Offenbach am Main

0.1 million inhabitants
Offenbach am Main
As a neighboring city, Offenbach is often overshadowed by Frankfurt. But the independent city is one of the underestimated travel destinations in the heart of Hesse. Already an important infrastructural hub in Roman times, Offenbach scores today with its direct location on the Main River. Fascinating buildings of various architectural ...


96,500 inhabitants
The world-famous Brothers Grimm once called the city of Hanau home. Even today, the statue on the market square commemorates the influential duo who shaped culture beyond the region. The former residence of the lords and counts of Hanau commemorates the famous sons of the city with its traditional Brothers ...


89,800 inhabitants
Known nationwide as a university city, home to Justus Liebig University, Giessen today offers a home to over 90,000 residents. The roots of the historically rich city can be traced back to the Middle Ages. One of Giessen's best-known cultural institutions is the Oberhessen Museum, which can be discovered as a ...


77,100 inhabitants
The university town of Marburg is one of the most beautiful historic towns in Hesse. Already recognized as a city since the 13th century, the settlement on the Lahn today belongs to the important educational centers of Hesse. The old city center is particularly interesting for tourists. Here are the ...


65,900 inhabitants
To the south of Frankfurt, not far from Mainz, lies Rüsselsheim am Main. The city has an important infrastructural and logistical significance - not only as a car production site, but also due to its proximity to Frankfurt Airport. But the city is more than just an economic attraction: ...

Bad Homburg

54,200 inhabitants
In the immediate vicinity of the Taunus region lies the town of Bad Homburg vor der Höhe. Over 50,000 residents call the historic spa town home. An important local recreation area in the Taunus region is the city's spa park, where significant 19th-century architecture can be discovered in the form ...