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Hostels & Youth Hostels in Bruges

Those who count on pennies don’t have to miss out on a trip to the capital of West Flanders. Especially at festival times, simple and unconventional accommodations are in high demand.

Youth hostels are a contemporary and attractively priced alternative for young families, couples and groups of friends. With a similar concept that focuses on the optimal cost-benefit factor, hostels are particularly successful in the cities.

Solid accommodation for flexible city travellers

Several hostels in Bruges offer cheap accommodation with optimised value for money. You can stay in a central city location for as little as 16 euros per night. A private room, where you can stay for a few nights in a private atmosphere, can be found from just under 21 euros. More than five youth hostels and hostels offer a solid service with leisure activities and inexpensive gastronomic options, and some even include towels and bed linen in the overnight rates. Of course, all hostels have internet access. With the service and standard offered, youth hostels and hostels are an inexpensive alternative for those who want to enjoy life in Bruges and the exciting events and sights without breaking the budget.

“Bed and Breakfast as a budget alternative

Family atmosphere and cosy ambience in partly historical walls are an attractive alternative to the hostel, especially for young families. At the same time, the costs for the room with breakfast are kept within reasonable limits. You have to calculate between 26 and 45 euros per night without giving up anything. A private bathroom with shower, TV and telephone are of course part of the equipment. Many of the cheap guest houses are ideally located in the city centre for sightseeing and shopping. But you can also find houses that are perfect as accommodation for a combination of Bruges and beach holidays.

Additional savings tip for penny-pinchers

If you are considering staying in a hostel for cost reasons, you will definitely be interested in the so-called “Bruges City Card”. For 34 euros (for 48 hours) or 39 euros (for 72 hours, as of May 2012 respectively) you get a digital tourist pass that can save you a lot of money. The Bruges City Card entitles you to free admission to 23 museums, discounts in parking garages and the museum shop, as well as on bike rental and numerous tourist attractions in the Bruges area.