Indre By - the old town of Copenhagen

Copenhagen's city center and historic city center

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The oldest part of Copenhagen is called Indre By in Danish, which literally means “The Inner City”. It is the historic core of the city, where most of the sights, restaurants and hotels are located.

The heart of Copenhagen

The boundaries of today’s Indre By district show what the city looked like 400 years ago, when Copenhagen was a fortified city with city gates, city walls and moats. The names of the four city gates (Vesterport, Østerport, Nørreport and Amagerport )are encountered by tourists today in the city’s public transport system, among other things, as several railway stations and museums are located in the old town.

Museums in the old town

Copenhagen’s city centre offers its visitors a large number of excellent museums in a very small area.

Churches in the old town

Castles in the old town

Squares and streets in the old town

Other sights