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The most beautiful vacation islands

Whether Sylt, Corsica or the Canary Islands - islands are among the most popular travel destinations. On this page you will find a selection of the most popular and beautiful islands for your next vacation.
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  5. Islands in the Atlantic Ocean


You can find an overview of the most important islands by destination in this section.

Islands in the North Sea

The German North Sea islands include the East Frisian Islands in Lower Saxony and the North Frisian Islands in Schleswig-Holstein, as well as Heligoland, Germany’s only high-sea island.

In the Dutch North Sea are the West Frisian Islands, and in the Danish North Sea are the Danish Wadden Sea Islands.

Islands in the Baltic Sea

There are over 10,000 islands in the Baltic Sea, most of them on the Swedish coast. You can find the most important Baltic Sea islands here:

Mediterranean islands

In the Mediterranean Sea there are many of the most popular vacation islands like Majorca, Corsica and Crete. But there are also many smaller and less known islands in the Mediterranean.

Islands in the Atlantic Ocean

The islands in the Atlantic Ocean are mainly of volcanic origin.