North Frisian Islands

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On the five North Frisian Islands off the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein, the tides determine the pace of life: for flora and fauna as well as for people. The larger islands of Nordstrand, Pellworm, Amrum, Föhr and Sylt are protected from the force of the sea by dikes and offer a variety of cycling and hiking trails for exploration. The North Frisian Islands offers you a unique vacation in the middle of the Wadden Sea and nature. Enjoy the smell of salt water, pines, shells and heath on one of the five large islands or on the smaller Halligen. The island villages also offer you many cultural, culinary and sporting highlights that make a vacation on the North Frisian Islands so unforgettable.
As a dyked peninsula, the island of Nordstrand belongs to the district of Nordfriesland and is located in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Until 1987, the island of Nordstrand, located in front of the city of Husum, was a pure marsh island. The Hallig Nordstrandischmoor also belongs to the municipality of ...
The small German island of Pellworm is particularly charming located off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein in the middle of the famous Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. The municipality of Pellworm also includes the Halligen Südfall and Süderoog, which can be visited from Pellworms. In addition to the species-rich ...
Sylt is more than the island of the rich and beautiful. In summer, many families cavort on the dreamlike beaches. True island lovers only come in autumn, when the roaring waves wash up on the beach and a fresh breeze blows. Celebrities have been meeting in Kampen for decades and ...
The North Frisian island of Föhr is considered a quiet neighbor of the islands of Amrum and Sylt, mainly because of the wild and comparatively windless weather. But also the number of visitors is much lower than for example on Sylt - here you can find especially much relaxation ...
Amrum is part of North Friesland and is especially known for its natural beauty. This includes a picturesque mixture of heath, small forests, meadows, a seemingly endless beach and an offshore sandbank with seals. The main town of the island community, which has 2279 inhabitants, bears the melodious name of Nebel. ...
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