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Once Byzantium and Constantinople rose to world fame, the city on the Bosphorus holds numerous sights in store. Istanbul is a metropolis on two continents. Located on a strait between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the city on the Bosphorus stretches over a European and an Asian part. A total of 39 city districts are spread over two continents. More than two thirds of Istanbul's population lives in the European part. Once founded by the Greeks in 660 B.C. as Byzantium, Istanbul, which was called Constantinople until 1920, experienced an eventful history. Plundered by Christian knights during the Crusades and later conquered by the Turks, the Ottoman Empire and Constantinople rose to become a world power.

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Sie suchen die Top 10 Sehenswürdigkeiten in Istanbul? Finden Sie jetzt die Top-Sehenswürdigkeiten, Attraktionen, Highlights und interessante Orte in Istanbul im Überblick.

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