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Jokkmokk is a locality and municipality (Jokkmokks kommun) in the Swedish province of Lappland, about 814 km north of the Swedish Capital Stockholm. There are about 2,800 inhabitants living in Jokkmokk.

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Travel Guide Jokkmokk

Located near the border with Norway in the southwest of the historic province of Lapland, the small town of Jokkmok has just under 3000 inhabitants. Despite its comparatively small population, Jokkmokk is of great importance to the Sámi people who live in the region. In Jokkmokk, a number of educational institutions with identity-building aspirations make a significant contribution to protecting the culture of the Sámi minority in Sweden. In this way, Jokkmokk continues an almost ancient tradition as the cultural centre of the Sámi people: For more than 400 years, Sámi from the four countries in the Arctic Circle region of Fennoscandia have come to Jokkmokk every February to hold and celebrate their winter market (Jokkmokks Vintermarknad). Non-Sami guests are welcome.

For most tourists, however, Jokkmokk is the starting point for excursions to the dramatic and beautiful landscapes in the almost untouched nature around Jokkmokk. These include the 500 square kilometre Muddus National Park with its waterfalls and pine forests, or the glacier region near Kvikkjokk. For the more adventurous, there are also tourism opportunities to hike the relatively inaccessible wilderness of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia, which stretches to the north.

Weather in Jokkmokk

Der Wetterbericht für Jokkmokk am 03.12.2021: Ganztags veränderliches Wetter. Zwischendurch ist Schneefall möglich bei Temperaturen von -9 bis -7 Grad und schwachem Wind aus Nordost.

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