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The island of Kungsholmen, which lies entirely in the Mälaren, is one of Stockholm’s four central districts.

The island Kungsholmen

Via the Kungsbron and the Klaraberg viaduct, one gets from the city centre (T-Centralen) to the island Kungsholmen, the “King’s Island”, that is only separated from the rest of the city by a narrow channel in the north. To the south, Kungsholmen is separated from the district of Södermalm by Riddarfjärden, the easternmost bay of the Mälaren. The island of Kungsholmen is divided into the districts of Kungsholmen, Stadshagen, Kristineberg, Fredhäll and Marieberg. The municipality of Kungsholmen also includes the islands of Lilla Essingen and Stora Essingen.

Places of interest

At the southeasternmost tip of Kungsholmen is Stadshuset, one of Stockholm’s most famous landmarks. Further worth seeing buildings on Kungsholmen are

  • the baroque Kungsholm Church (officially Ulrika Eleonora kyrka).
  • the Rådshuset, built in 1915 in the national romantic style and today seat of the district court(tingsrätt) for the city of Stockholm and the neighbouring municipality Lidingö.

The Kungsholmen district

Kungsholmen is one of the four central districts of Stockholm, along with Södermalm, Östermalm and Norrmalm. It includes the island of Kungsholmen with the districts of Kungsholmen, Stadshagen, Kristineberg, Fredhäll and Marieberg, as well as the two islands of Stora Essingen and Lilla Essingen . Note: the municipality(stadsdelsområde), the district(stadsdel) as well as the island Kungsholmen have the same name, which can lead to confusion.