Park and event place in the center of Stockholm

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Ice skating in winter, cherry blossoms in spring, festivals in summer: Kungsträdgården ("King's Garden") is a multi-use park and event venue in central Stockholm. Colloquially known as "Kungsan", the park is located in the Norrmalm district on the northern bank of the Norrström River, with Stockholm Castle rising magnificently on the other side.

Central square and traffic junction

For tourists, the Kungsträdgården is hard to miss, as it is located on the direct way between the Stockholm Castle and the numerous museums in the city districts Östermalm and Djurgården. The square is an important traffic junction for the public transport in Stockholm: numerous bus lines serve the Kungsträdgården, as also the subway (the blue line starts here) and the tram.

Origin as a royal pleasure garden

Today's park originated from the pleasure garden of the renaissance castle Makalös that burnt down in 1825 and to which only members of the court had access. It was not until the 18th century, under King Gustav III, that Kungsträdgården was opened to the general public.

Sights in Kungsträdgården

In the middle of the park is a bronze statue by the Swedish artist Erik Gustaf Göthe (1779-1838), erected in 1821 and depicting the Swedish King Charles XIII. The four bronze lions below the statue were made by the Swedish sculptor Bengt Erland Fogelberg (1786-1854) and were erected in 1824.