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The Baltic Republic of Latvia is slightly smaller in area than Bavaria and borders Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Estonia. In the northwest of the country lies the Baltic Sea bay of the Gulf of Riga. Latvia has more than 700 nature reserves and national parks, which are important for countless animal species, but especially for migratory birds. The old Hanseatic city of Riga is the capital of the country. With its imposing Art Nouveau buildings, charming old town and villa suburb of Mežaparks, it enchants countless visitors every year. The capital is also the origin of Rīgas Melnais balzams, a black liqueur with a bittersweet taste.

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The Latvian capital Riga is affectionately known as the “Pearl of the Baltic” and has become a popular destination for short trips. Once an important trading hub, Riga is now a multicultural centre with a lively nightlife. Riga’s exceptionally well-preserved Old Town, with its medieval buildings, Art Nouveau splendours, ...

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