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The island of Lindingö is part of the inner archipelago of Stockholm. It has a lot of cultural and sports activities to offer. In addition, Stockholm is easy to reach from Lidingö. This presents many visitors to the archipelago here with the choice of either visiting the bustling center of the Swedish capital or relaxing all around in the particularly idyllic nature on the island. Many prefer to explore nature first.

Lidingö has been inhabited since the Viking Age. From this time tell on the spot some historical monuments and the renowned Lidingö Museum. Expositions lead through the centuries and the development in the Stockholm archipelago. A visit to the Millesgården Art Museum is recommended for those interested in art. It is located on Herserudsklippan and is surrounded by a sculpture park.

Ekholmsnäsbacken is the name of a gentle hill from which a wide view over the archipelago opens up. A visit to the Långängen-Elfvik nature reserve is popular, to see deer and red foxes while walking in the forest.

The coffee roastery and chocolate factory and various farm stores are not to be missed on any visit program. The beautiful cafes, restaurants, pottery workshops, galleries and stores also contribute to the typical Swedish local color.
Sports activities are varied, including the 30-kilometer Lidingöloppet run, which is part of an endurance competition. The competition is considered a classic in Sweden and is said to be the world’s longest cross-country run.

The nearby picturesque islands of Fjäderholmarna are a popular destination. Idyllic swimming spots can quickly be found both on the beaches of the nearby archipelago and on Lidingö itself.