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The railway to and from Lidingö

Lidingöbana connects the Lidingö district, located on an island, with Stockholm, on the route between the Ropsten metro stop (red line) and the Gåshaga Brygga stop in the east of Lidingö.

Coming from Ropsten metro stop, you can reach the following stops:

Ropsten – Torsvik- Baggeby – Bodal – Larsberg – AGA – Skarsätra – Kottla – Högberga – Brevik – Käppala -Talluden – Gåshaga – Gåshaga Brygga.

The Waxholm line also stops at Gåshaga Brygga.

Photo credit: By Gustav Gullberg (GurraJG). (Picture taken by GurraJG.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons