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The 10 most beautiful museums in Bruges

In Bruges you will find a number of unique museums with first-class exhibitions on the history, art and cultural history of the city. In addition, there are also a number of small museums that deal with more unusual topics. In Bruges you can find a French fries museum, a beer museum, a torture museum or a chocolate museum. On this page we present you the most important museums in Bruges!


Saint John’s Hospital (Memling Museum)

Medieval hospital and masterpieces by the Flemish primitive Hans Memling
The Sint-Janshospitaal is one of the oldest hospital buildings in Europe. In addition to exhibitions on centuries of nursing with historical medical equipment and tools, it also houses several masterpieces by the famous painter Hans Memling, one of the representatives of the Flemish Primitives.

Groeninge Museum

Important works of the Renaissance
With its world-famous collection of Old Dutch paintings, the Groeninge Museum is one of the tourist highlights of Bruges.

Bruges Diamond Museum

Bruges' history as the oldest European diamond centre
Where do diamonds come from? How does a rough diamond become a sparkling brilliant? What does a rough diamond even look like and where do you find them? How much is a carat? Why is Belgium known worldwide for trading diamonds? And how strong is the hardest material on earth ...

Friet Museum

How French fries conquered the world from Belgium
An extremely relevant museum for Bruges and of course Belgium is the Friet Museum. Here, everything revolves around the French fries, because after all, Belgium is considered the cradle of the golden-baked potato sticks, which are popular all over the world. So the history of the French fries is closely ...

Our Lady of the Pottery

Church and hospital from the 13th century
The present museum is housed in the old infirmary and displays the eclectic collection gathered by nuns over the centuries. The oldest pieces date back to the 14th century.

Musea Brugge

14 Museums and monuments in Bruges
Musea Brugge is the umbrella organization for 14 of the most important museums in the old city of Bruges. With the Musea Brugge Card there is a combined ticket for 3 days, with which you can visit all museums.

Archaeology Museum

Archaeological finds from prehistory to the present day
In the Archaeological Museum, visitors are guided through the city's history from prehistoric times to the present day. Varied exhibits and plenty of well-prepared background information make for an educational and eventful visit to the museum that will delight visitors of all ages.

Brauerei De Halve Maan

Brewery, museum and restaurant
As in the whole of Belgium and especially in Flanders, the city of Bruges has a beer and brewing tradition that goes back centuries. The Belgian brewery "Halve Maan" on the Walplein has been a family business since 1856 and is now in its sixth generation.

Gruuthuse Museum

Unique insights into the history of the city of Bruges
The former city palace of the Lords of Gruuthuse houses the Gruuthuse and Art Museum of the city of Bruges. The stately palace has been completely restored, so that both the façade and the individual halls of the museum are well worth seeing and provide the perfect setting for ...

Bruges Folklore Museum

Everyday life in Bruges in the 19th and early 20th centuries
The Folklore Museum is one of the most popular museums in the city of Bruges. This particularly family-friendly museum gives visitors an insight into the everyday life of the city's inhabitants from the 19th century to the early 20th century. While a visit to the museum is a little journey ...