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Namur is a city in the Belgian province of Namur. It is located in the district of Namur, about 56 km southeast of the capital Brussels.

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Namur, the capital of Wallonia, presents itself as a tranquil city. In the 7th century A.D. the settlement was built by the Celts, today about 110,000 inhabitants live in the city area. Namur was built at the confluence of the Sambre into the Meuse, the waters run right through the city area. Namur’s townscape is characterised by historical architecture – including buildings steeped in history such as the Old Chamber of Commerce, the historic railway station and the Walloon Parliament. However, Namur’s most famous landmark is the Citadel, which was an important rampart protecting the region as far back as the 17th century. The bishopric of Namur is housed in the classicist Saint-Aubain Cathedral, which was built in the 18th century. Notable museums in the city include the Musée des arts ancients with historic sculptures and paintings, and the Musée diocésain et trésor de la cathédrale Saint-Aubin with sacred exhibits. Visitors can get to know the Walloon city by strolling along the promenade along the Meuse River, which is popular with walkers.

The weather in Namur

The weather report for Namur on 28.10.2021: All day nice weather and few clouds at temperatures from 11 to 14 degrees and strong winds from south.

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