New ferry from Rostock to Stockholm & Gotland

Swedish shipping company Rederi AB Gotland is planning a new ferry line between Nynäshamn (near Stockholm) and Rostock. It is an eco-bonus from the Swedish Transport Administration aimed at shifting freight traffic from land to sea that has opened up the opportunity, says CEO Håkan Johansson. "We are looking at a year-round line with daily departures," he told radio station P4 Gotland.
In order to reduce emissions from domestic traffic and at the same time bring Sweden closer to the continent, Rederi AB Gotland is planning a new ferry route under the working name Hansalinjen. The new route may serve Rostock, Germany and Nynäshamn, with the possibility of calling at the port of Visby for certain journeys. For more information on how to get to Stockholm or Gotland, see the following pages:
The new route connects Rostock with Nynäshamn, about 60 km south of Stockholm.
Rederi AB Gotland has received an environmental bonus from the government to shift truck traffic from land to sea on the busy route from southern Sweden to Mälardalen. The ferry route will be at least as time-efficient as the current road traffic between Germany and the Mälardalen region. By providing support, Rederi AB Gotland is helping to reduce the climate footprint of the Swedish transport system. By transferring freight traffic from road to sea between Rostock and Nynäshamn, emissions are expected to be reduced by around 20 percent.
"We want to help relieve the road network and reduce emissions from transport. As a first step, we are planning a shipping company for logistics companies that want to reduce their climate footprint and join us in helping to achieve Sweden's and the EU's climate targets." (Håkan Johansson, CEO of Rederi AB Gotland)
A new ferry line would be a sister company of Destination Gotland, connecting the old Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Visby with Stockholm. It opens up a new route for all German travellers who want to visit Gotland and Sweden, while the new ferry line can be an important contribution for all Swedish travellers who want to go directly to the continent by car, boat and train.
"As our tours can be linked to the Interrail card, train passengers can also take the ferry from Nynäshamn to board the train in Rostock and then enter Europe. At the same time, Sweden and Gotland would also be more accessible to European travellers." (Håkan Johansson, CEO of Rederi AB Gotland)
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