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What you should take with you on vacation to Denmark

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Denmark, that is numerous larger and smaller islands, sweet marinas, extensive dunes and sandy beaches, Jutland's green hills, the blue waters of the Danish South Sea and the lively city of Copenhagen. What to put in your suitcase differs depending on the type of trip and the time of year. In summer, a thin jacket is enough for balmy evenings on the beach, in autumn and winter it should definitely be a thick winter jacket. Those who want to make the capital city unsafe, need different clothes than those who want to enjoy the nature of the country. The following list can be individually adapted to your own needs, so that nothing is missing for a relaxing vacation.
  1. Money
  2. Personal care & hygiene
  3. Make-up and feminine hygiene
  4. Clothing
  5. Bathing & Beach
  6. First Aid Kit & Medication
  7. Papers & documents
  8. Glasses & Contact Lenses
  9. Sleep
  10. Catering, food & drinks
  11. Technology & Electronics
  12. Suitcases, Backpacks & Bags
  13. Entertainment / Other


Although Denmark is part of the EU, Denmark is one of the few countries that does not pay with the euro. The currency in Denmark is crowns. Therefore, it is advisable to change money before going on vacation. However, there are also numerous possibilities to change money in the country. In tourist places it is often possible to pay with the euro. In some cases, even euros are given as change, otherwise you get back crowns. Since it is common in Denmark to pay with EC card or credit card, it is not necessary to carry so much cash, so no large sums are exchanged. Only those who do not like to pay by card, but rather in cash, should take enough cash with them and keep in mind that Denmark is much more expensive than Germany, especially when it comes to food and drink.


Personal care & hygiene




Shaving / hair removal

Hands & Feet


Make-up and feminine hygiene



Despite the proximity to Scandinavia, the temperatures in Denmark are rather mild and the climate is similar to the German weather. Although the amount of precipitation is low and even below the Central European average, you should have a windproof, rainproof jacket with you even in the warmer months.
Otherwise, in early summer, summer and early fall, T-shirts and thinner clothing belong in your suitcase, and in the colder months, thicker sweaters, jackets or coats.
If you want to be sporty, don’t forget sportswear and if you want to go out in the evening, you should think of suitable clothing.


Everyday clothes

business / evening clothes






Hiking & Trekking


Bathing & Beach


First Aid Kit & Medication

If you are dependent on prescription medication, you must carry a certificate of necessity with you (preferably in Danish or English). Otherwise, painkillers and medication against diarrhea, nausea and a wound and healing ointment belong in your luggage. This way you are prepared for all eventualities.


Papers & documents

Identity card or passport always belong in your luggage when traveling abroad. Passport checks are occasionally carried out at the Danish border, so it is good to have the documents to hand. Copies of all important documents help in case of theft or loss.

If you want to cross the Øresund Bridge, you have to pay a toll. Online tickets purchased in advance are cheaper than paying the toll on the spot (cash or credit card). If you choose this method of payment, be sure not to forget the online ticket at home. It’s best to save the ticket once on your cell phone and then print it out and put it in the car so it’s handy.

Travel by car / rental car

Arrival by plane


Glasses & Contact Lenses




Catering, food & drinks


Technology & Electronics

Although there are different types of sockets in Denmark than in Germany, you usually do not need a socket adapter. Schuko plugs do not fit into the Danish type E sockets, but can be plugged into the three-hole type K sockets without any problems. Only if these are not available and a Schuko plug is to be used, a travel adapter is needed.


Suitcases, Backpacks & Bags


Entertainment / Other