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A vacation in a motor home promises pure freedom. You stay where you like and when it's time for something new, you pack up and head for a new destination. In between are leisurely drives on often beautiful routes. And you always have everything with you everywhere. At least if you have packed properly and have forgotten nothing at home. What you have to think about depends on whether you are traveling with a rented or your own motorhome. With a rented vehicle, the basic equipment such as cutlery, crockery, etc. is already available. Then, above all, clothes, toiletries, food and sleeping bag belong on the packing list. Who is (for the first time) on the road with their own motorhome, which must think of the basic equipment, which can be found at the end of this packing list.
  1. Money
  2. Personal hygiene
  3. Make-up and feminine hygiene
  4. Clothing
  5. Bathing & Beach
  6. First Aid Kit & Medication
  7. Papers & documents
  8. Glasses & Contact Lenses
  9. Sleep
  10. Provisions, food & drink
  11. Technology & Electronics
  12. Suitcases, backpacks & bags
  13. Entertainment / Other
  14. Basic equipment motorhome kitchen
  15. Basic equipment for motorhome Miscellaneous
  16. Basic equipment motorhome safety and roadside assistance


Depending on the destination, money must be exchanged before departure or on site. Whether you should carry cash with you or can pay by EC card in many places also depends on the destination. It is advisable to hide cash in the vehicle in various places that are not quickly accessible in the event of a burglary. There are cash boxes that are disguised as something else and are therefore not quickly recognizable to burglars as money stashes.


Personal hygiene

For a vacation in a motorhome, it is recommended to have a toiletry bag that you can hang up. This is especially handy for washrooms and showers, as storage areas are often wet. Due to the small storage space, travel size hygiene items should be taken along. Since you are usually outside a lot, sunscreen is indispensable for a vacation in a motorhome.




Shaving / hair removal

Hands & Feet


Make-up and feminine hygiene



Again, storage space is limited. It's best to look at the closets and compartments available - if possible - before packing. In any case, the rule is: less is more. A must for the vacation in the motorhome are warm sweaters and jackets for the evening and rain jacket and rain pants, so that you do not come back from the walk to the sink, toilet or shower immediately soaking wet. Otherwise, the choice of clothing depends primarily on the type of vacation: Who wants to hike or do sports takes the appropriate clothing.


Everyday clothes






Hiking & Trekking


Bathing & Beach


First Aid Kit & Medication


Papers & documents

Travel by motorhome

Arrival by plane


Glasses & Contact Lenses




Provisions, food & drink

In addition to the provisions for the trip, which should be located in the front of the cab, it is also advisable to have some basic food on board. This includes fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables as well as shelf-stable products such as pasta, rice and ready-made sauces. Many campsites, especially larger ones, have a restaurant, but if you prefer to cook for yourself or are on a pitch, you are already equipped. Not all campsites have a supermarket or corner store and depending on the location of the campsite or pitch, the nearest supermarket may be some distance away. Just shopping would then mean to put everything away, stow and make ready to drive and possibly lose the pitch. Since it is better to have some things with you.


Technology & Electronics


Suitcases, backpacks & bags

Since the clothes are stored directly in the camper, you don't need a suitcase or travel bag. A handbag and/or a backpack for excursions are sufficient. It is a good idea to bring a rain cover for the backpack so that the contents are protected in case of rain. Those who stay in frequently visited places should carry money, bank card and important documents close to the body in a chest pouch or fanny pack.


Entertainment / Other


Basic equipment motorhome kitchen

As already mentioned, a motorhome does not offer unlimited space. Therefore, you should also reduce the kitchen utensils to a minimum. Whether an electric coffee maker or a toaster is indispensable is up to you. In any case, cutlery and crockery belong to the basic equipment. Everything should be available in duplicate per person, so that it is not always necessary to wash up immediately. Special pots and pans for camping can often be stacked well inside each other and the handles can be turned away or are removable, so that they can be stored space-saving. Dishes made of plastic are particularly light and do not strain the permissible total weight of the vehicle.


Basic equipment for motorhome Miscellaneous

The basic equipment for a motorhome includes camping furniture. Even if a motorhome offers space for sitting and a table inside, you spend a lot of time outside. If you want to do this protected under an awning, you should pack pegs and possibly guy straps for storm protection. The same applies if an awning comes along. Cables and water hoses are indispensable to ensure a power and water supply in the vehicle. Drive-on wedges ensure that the motorhome remains straight even on uneven ground and that slopes can be compensated for. If you have a chemical toilet on board, you must remember to take chemicals with you to refill it and should pack gloves for emptying the toilet.

possibly clothespins


Basic equipment motorhome safety and roadside assistance