Public Transport in Malmö

Public transport in Malmö

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Public transport in Malmö and the whole Skåne region is organised by the transport company Skånetrafiken. Special tickets are also valid in Denmark and for travel across the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen.

Tickets and fare systems

Since 2020 there is a new fare system for public transport in Malmö and the whole of Skåne. The electronic tickets have been completely changed to the app Skånetrafiken. Old systems, such as the electronic ticket Jojo Kort and the app Reseplaneraren, no longer exist.

This has made the whole system much simpler and there are only two methods to buy a ticket:

  • With your smartphone. Through the app Skånetrafiken you can always buy tickets and download them to your phone. The app is available for Android and iOS. You can pay with MasterCard, Visa or by invoice via Klarna.
  • Single tickets are available from ticket machines at stations, on buses and at Skånetrafiken sales outlets. You can only pay with cash at the sales points, on the bus or for the vending machines you need an EC card or credit card.
Important: You cannot pay with cash on the green city buses in Malmö.

There are also special tickets like the Öresund runt.

Öresund runt – in two days once around the Öresund

If you want to see Copenhagen and other sights around the Örsesund, the ticket Öresund runt could be an alternative to the car.

The ticket entitles you to travel once across the Öresund Bridge and once by ferry between Elsinore and Helsingborg. The ticket is also valid on all trains and buses in Skåne and on public transport in the Copenhagen Metropolitan Region.